Wychavon2014: New date and Spring Festival Connection

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    The Wychavon Festival of Brass is pleased to announce that entries are now being taken for the 2014 contest.

    The contest takes place on November 1st 2014 at Evesham High School

    All sections compete on one day.

    Apart from cash prizes, an invitation to compete in the Spring Festival in 2015 will be extended to the highest placed band in the Championship Section not already competing in Blackpool. First Section bands may be eligible to compete in the higher section in accordance with Rule 13, following an entry to their own section.

    For a full list of prizes, entry fees, rules and general information please go to our newly refurbished website: www.festivalofbrass.co.uk

    For queries please contact the Contest Secretary:

    ‚ÄčKevin Whittaker Mobile: 07970 816696 kevinwhittaker@blueyonder.co.uk