Wychavon Festival of Brass Entertainment Contest 2011

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    Wychavon Festival of Brass is pleased to announce that Dr Robert Childs and Roger Thorne will act as Adjudicators at the forthcoming Entertainment contest held this year in Pershore on September 17th and 18th 2011. The contest will keep Bob Childs especially busy as he adjudicates four sections (Championship to Third Sections)across both days in the No.8 Arts Centre in the heart of Pershore, while Roger makes an appearance on the Sunday to hear the bands of the Fourth Section compete in the town’s Leisure Centre.
    Entries are now closed, but the organisers are delighted at the healthy number of participating bands who will attend the competition, this year standing at 45. All but one section (Third) are full to capacity, with a number of bands chancing their arm to pick up several of the lucrative prizes that Wychavon has on offer by entering more than one section. Competing bands are not limited to the general locale of Worcestershire and the Midlands, but are prepared to travel considerable distances, enticed by the attractive prize money, and this year sees entries from as far afield as Wales, the North West of England, Yorkshire, Milton Keynes and London.
    Prizes are presented to the best musically entertaining and proficient band with solo prizes being awarded for outstanding individual excellence. However, after much thought, the committee has determined that entertaining choreography or stagecraft should be recognised separately and, for this, a trophy will be awarded although the distribution of prize monies remains the same, going to the best overall performances.
    Full listings* and information about the competition, section timings and ticket sales are available on the Wychavon website: http://www.festivalofbrass.co.uk
    *All details subject to change
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    Always a great contest

    Championship Section
    Marsden Silver Prize - Evens fav
    BTM - 11/8
    Woodfalls - 9/2
    Vernon Building Society Poynton - 16/1
    Medway - 22/1
    Gresley Colliery - 50/1
    Milton Keynes Brass - 150/1
    Markham & District Brass - 150/1
    City of Coventry Brass - 350/1
  3. Paddy Flower

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    First Section
    Jackfield (Elcock Reisen) - 15/8 fav
    Parc & Dare - 9/2
    Foresters Brass 2000 - 9/2
    Michelmersh Silver - 13/2
    Tylorstown - 15/2
    Shirley - 8/1
    Enderby - 14/1
    Rogerstone - 18/1
    Bedworth Brass - 25/1
    Fulham Brass - 100/1
  4. Paddy Flower

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    Second Section
    Strata Brass - 11/5 fav
    Crewe Brass (formerly Co-op 2000) - 7/2
    Mossley - 9/2
    Cinderford - 8/1
    City of Bristol - 8/1
    Raunds Temperance - 9/1
    Tilbury - 10/1
    Porthywaen Silver - 16/1
    Newtown Silver - 28/1
    Chalgrove - 33/1
  5. Paddy Flower

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    Third Section
    Eccles Borough - 5/6 fav
    Arrow Valley Brass - 11/5
    Cubbington Silver - 4/1
    West Mercia Police - 7/1
    Shipston Town - 16/1
    Newport Borough Brass - 100/1
  6. Paddy Flower

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    Fourth Section
    AW Parker (Drybrook) - 7/4 fav
    Trentham Brass - 11/5
    Valley Brass (Haydock) - 11/4
    Bradwell Silver - 8/1
    Worcestershire Youth Brass - 14/1
    Coleshill Town - 25/1
    Tottington Public - 33/1
    Burbage Silver - 40/1
    Cheltenham Silver - 40/1
    Cleobury Mortimer Concert Brass - 50/1
  7. Di B

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    Fulham are entering the 1st section? Is that correct?
  8. Chalgrove are entering the 2nd section- we are 3rd section until Jan 2012 then 2nd anyway
  9. Paddy Flower

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    I was suprised by both of those sections but I'm only going on what the festival website is saying
  10. LynneW

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    I thought bands had to play in their own section (nationally registered) and could play in the section higher in addition to that if they wanted to.
  11. Really looking forward to it, gonnah take the contest down.
  12. cornetcheese

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    Fulham are playing in the 1st section - 2nd section was full when the band applied!
  13. davethehorny

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    According to the Wychavon website, Valley Brass are not now taking part.
  14. Music-mitch

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    Cant Wait till this Contest!
  15. davethehorny

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    Should be a good one - we just hope the Leisure Centre doesn't have too much echo.

    Why is it the 4th Section get the poor venue when we need as much help as possible to make a decent sound?
  16. 7thPosition

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    City of Bristol Band are looking forward to returning to this contest for the first time since 2004. Although no longer Championship section, its good to be back!
  17. euph77

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    See you there, Dave... :p
  18. davethehorny

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    I hope they have stocked the bar up if you guys are playing this year! Best of luck on Sunday
  19. euph77

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    And to you Dave; I'll come and watch if I'm not too drunk ;)
  20. Congratulations to enderby on winning the first section! Jackfield were 2nd.