Wychavon Entertainment Contest Venues.

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  1. Fellow Banders

    Portishead will be travelling to Evesham again this year to take part in this cracking Entertainment Contest but none of us have played in the Working Men's Club before. Any views / opinions on accoustics, size of stage, layout of hall etc would be very handy.

    Last year we played in the Public Hall and got a right roasting for our dynamics. Twas like playing in an upside down tin bath!


  2. CubbRep

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    Hiya.Having played at the working mens club last year,I only have to say one word about the stage;TRAMPOLINE.
    It was awful.Every time our conductor made a lot of movement,the stage was bouncing up and down.That also happened when we had to move to do some of the sketches.The percussion section were cramped at the back as were the basses.
    I am just hoping that the organisers have made some improvements this year.
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  3. andreab

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    Anyone know what the draw is for Wychavon?
  4. EbEwan

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    That would be quick off the mark - it was only made last night wasn't it? (Trying to think back to our last committee meeting on that point)
  5. andreab

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    Yes it would be - but news on tmp very often is!
  6. EbEwan

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    That's true!! I should have clarified a bit more though... as we weren't sending anyone, we weren't expecting to hear for about a week what our draw was, not sure if attended whether you got to see everyone's draw position.
  7. Just a pity that the venue at Pershore wasn't available.......
  8. CubbRep

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    Hiya Mate,
    Looking forward to playing on the trampoline again,in both sections!!!!????[​IMG]See you on Friday.
  9. davethehorny

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    Yes the trampoline stage made for an interesting performance - the more exuberant your MD was the worse it got.

    At least they are providing the percussion for this years contest - getting timps up the stairs was a nightmare.

    It was also very hot on stage in the Working Mens Club - but judging by this years weather it is more likely to be flooded!
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  10. postie

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    I gather that after all the fun and games with the stage last year they have apparantly sorted the floor out can't guarantee that but that is what I understand has happened. Looking forward to it always enjoyed the contest.
  11. CubbRep

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    Lets hope so.Last year I nearly ended up on the floor.I had to play flugel at the very last minute because ours got took into hospital before we went on stage.Thankfully,she made a full recovery.(Good on ya Becci)
    CubbRep..Repiano cornet..4th section Midland Area Champion Band 2007.:tup
  12. Thanks for all this but heard from our contest secretary last night that - despite what the Wychavon website says - the 2nd Section is in the Public Hall again.

    Best make sure we don't smash the windows with too much FF playing agin this year then...!

    Cheers and good luck to all bands on the day.