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  1. Hi all - anyone have any idea what the Norbury Theatre is like in Droitwich Spa? It's being used as one of the venues for Wychavon Entertainment Contest this year and Portishead will be travelling up there to take part. It would be a good to know what the acoustic is like, how big the theatre is etc... etc....

    If anyone has any wisdom to pass on it would be appreciated.


  2. ploughboy

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    ooh! Can I be sneaky and also ask if anyone has any info on the community centre - as Emley are in droitwich also. . . .

  3. euph-man

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    I must admit folks when going to a new venue , I do not worry about a new venue all I do is inform the players that all they have to do is exactly what they did in rehearsal nothing more nothing less
  4. Accidental

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    It would be useful to know how big the stage is for placement of chairs/percussion/soloists and any choreography. Its nice to know if its a scary or unflattering acoustic before playing the first note too - sometimes it does demand a bit more or less than usual!

    There must be someone out there in tMPland who's played there before?
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  5. ploughboy

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    It's nothing i'm worried about - but for example last year we got on the stage and discovered it wouldn't handle out alternate set up, and our percussion could set as they wished. If there is a stage in our venue i'd just like to know how big it is. . . no point in planning some fancy movement if we're on and squashed little stage. . .
  6. euph-man

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    Could I make a suggestion if you need to know the size of the stage for setting up the band contact the contest organisers
    Clive Allen
    Wychavon Festival of Brass
    2 Valley View, Crest Hill
    Worcestershire WR11 8NS

    Telephone: 01386 870 003
    Email: allenview@lineone.net
  7. Thanks for all the inputs. I guess I'm woried less about the stage etc and more about what the acoustici is like. We'll do exactly as rehearsed in terms of playing and performance but we've been stung at Wychavon before by chosing a programme totally unsuitable for a really boomy acoustic - anyone played in Evesham Town Hall will understand what I mean.

    I want to make sure that what we decide to play will be suitable.


  8. Accidental

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    someone must have played there before............ :confused:
  9. Chris Hicks

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    Does the Norbury Theatre have a nice PA system in it like evesham town hall does??? ;-)
  10. Mr Hicks - hopefully the PA system at Norbury Theatre turns itself off during performances ;o)

    So - I take it that no-one has played there before? Disappointed - wil it be a venue that has never hosted a brass band before? Could be interesting....

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