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    If you played at Wychavon, just to let you know that there are some CDs left if you would like some. We can take phone orders with a card.

    For a sample from one of the CDs, visit the Wychavon website: http://www.festivalofbrass.co.uk/

    For further details, visit the Chorum website: http://www.brassbandcd.co.uk/

    Comments so far:
    "They are great...wonderful quality!"
    "CDs arrived AOK today – excellent recording & sound quality – Thanks!"

    Any queries, call 01902 743565.

    Thanks and regards,

    Steve Swinden
    Chorum Records
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  3. yes my recording is great however the recording is very top end heavy... takes a lot of editing to get the balance right to reflect the performances delivered.... good playing and well worth the outlay.
  4. MicrophoneMan

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    Which CD are you referring to? The discs recorded in All Saints are going to sound a lot brighter than the ones in the Club, thanks to the acoustic. Also the basses couldn't be miked as they normally would (or the trombones for that matter!) because it was impractical to put any stands within the bands. I'm glad you enjoyed the recordings anyway! By the way, there's no EQ, compression or reverb - just the sound exactly as it was captured.

    Steve Swinden
    Chorum Records
  5. TheFopp

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    For those of you with the Wychavon First Section CD, please note that tracks 4 and 5 (from VBS Poynton Band's performance) are mis-labelled.

    Track 4 is not Dundonell, it is Triumph from Day of the Dragons.
    Track 5 is Show Me The Way to go Home, arranged by Adrian Horn (not Sandy Smith).
  6. bestsection

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    Just listened to the clip on the website and it sounds great quality - can anyone say what the piece is and who arranged it - wouldn't mind getting hold of it for my band
  7. MicrophoneMan

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    It's VBS Poynton playing Adrian Horn's arrangement of 'Paint it Black'. Adrian plays with Poynton and has done other great arrangements (in my opinion). See the post from TheFopp about 'Show me the way to go home'. His 'Myfanwy' is also well worth listening too and is on the Wychavon 1st Section CD, straight after 'Paint it Black'.

    I don't know who publishes Adrian's work but he deserves a wider public methinks.

    Steve Swinden
    Chorum Records
  8. MicrophoneMan

    MicrophoneMan New Member

    Apologies to VBS Poynton and thanks to TheFopp. Adrian Horn alerted me to 'Show me the way...' and I've changed the labeling for later copies of the CD. I didn't know about Triumph, though, so I'll go and change that right now.

    Steve Swinden
    Chorum Records
  9. TheFopp

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    Many thanks for the kind words Steve. I'm looking around for a publisher at the moment and waiting to hear back from some.

    Hopefully some arrangements will be available to buy in the relatively near future.... Watch this space!
  10. MicrophoneMan

    MicrophoneMan New Member

    Certainly will! I guess when all the legalities are settled you'll be needing a CD to showcase your work?!


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