Wychavon 2007 under threat

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  1. Lotta

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    The following has been posted on 4br.

    Wychavon Contest under threat
    The future of the popular Wychavon Contest which has been run for the past 17 years with such success may be under threat.
    Contest Secretary Clive Allen told 4BR that due to the fact that it is getting ever more expensive to stage the festival each year, getting funding to cover the estimated £20,000 yearly costs is now becoming a major concern.
    “It costs about £20,000 to stage the Festival and although we get financial support from a number of sources such as the various town councils it is becoming increasingly difficult to raise enough money to keep the contest going.”


    The contest itself has gained a reputation as being well run with a friendly atmosphere, whilst the generous prize money (with a top prize this year of £2,000 in the Championship Section) attracting bands from all over the country to compete in the various sections at the alternative yearly venues of Perhsore and Evesham.

    Clive added: ”One of the additional problems we have is that we do not have enough volunteer helpers to steward the various contests, whilst as we invest nearly all our proceeds into the event we do not have adequate reserves to put on the Festival next year without the risk of substantial debt being incurred.”

    Special meeting

    The event’s executive committee has decided to call a special meeting on Tuesday 5th December to consider the recommendation not to continue to run the Festival in its present form, but to concentrate efforts on a Young Musicians Festival instead.

    Clive told the local Evesham Journal newspaper that the Young Musicians Festival was started in cooperation with County Youth Music a few years ago to encourage young players across the county. “That event costs only a fraction of the cost of the major festival and we want to continue with it as they are the brass band players of the future.”

    What do people think?? Its a fab contest and it would be a shame if it had to be cancelled.
  2. Di

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    That would be a crying shame. :(
  3. matthetimp

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    It is a good contest to attend and would be a shame to see it go to the wall. We outta get a TMP band together to rise funds for next years festival ;-)
  4. jim

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    Terrible Im glad they have gone to the press tho, I herd about this some month ago and I had a feeling they were pushing it under the carpet. From the statment it seems to me like they dont want it to continue?
  5. BandTaxi

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    Great News!!

    Just read the latest update. The Festival is now safe for 2007 following the Special Meeting which was held last night.

    Courtesy of 4barsrest. Follow the link below for more information.

  6. jim

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    Great news. All I would say is maby the church this year wasnt the best venue. But watever is feesble its a great contest so good to know its safe.
  7. i think i would be a shame if the contest ceased to function. although the venue which we were at (4th section) was a bit awful compared to the year before! but you win some you lose some!
    but i really like this contest as you get to play concert music and its open adjudication which (for one reason or another) makes me less nervous (weird i know). plus the contest holds some good memories for me as it was my first contest on principal cornet and my first solo in a contest (argh).
    if it stopped i would be disappointed especially seen as the places where we go are nice aswell and its just a good excuse to socailise!
  8. postie

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    I agree with you about the venue for the 4th section, but it is a great contest and this is very good news.

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