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    Some bloke called Allan Wycherly seems pretty annoyed that a bunch of students turned up in presumably a scratch band and took the p**s out of the whit marches


    What were they doing - just playing badly or what?
    I was in full agreement with the comments, until it occured to me that any decent players from Salford/H'field/RNCM would probably be out with "proper" bands anyway, so maybe Mr Wycherly is being a bit harsh as those concerned were probably the dross only in higher education to stave off unemployment and not representative of music students as a whole?
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    Judge for yourself!!!!!

    YouTube - The Hula Hores - Knight Templar
    3 min - 19 Jun 2011 - Uploaded by Whitaker3000
    The Hula Hores playing Knight Templar. Filmed at Lydgate 17/06/11.
  3. They each donated money for the coach and collected money for charity. What did you do to help others?
    Incidently, the youtube clip "Hula Hores" is not people from RNCM who went out in costumes (paid for by themselves) as "Cartoon Brass"
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    I didn't say anything about rncm, or any other music college. The questions raised by Alan are essentially, are hula hores (and other bands of their ilk) adding anything to the evening? Are they trying to play properly? Is it "funny"? Are they demeaning 200 years of social history? Are they holding up other bands who are desperately trying to make a few quid in prize money to make ends meet for the year?

    Incidentally, my band did a free gig at the ring o bells pub in marple a few weeks back for charity, and most of us are doing another a week this Sunday. Perhaps you could come along and donate?
  5. My comment is aimed at "Hobgoblin."
    By posting your link after his vitriol you are associating "Hula Hores" with the RNCM band. I know nothing about "Hula Hores" and agree that the playing is awful.
    Your last comment is a cheap shot and unworthy of comment. You know nothing about me.
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    The sad thing is these guys clearly can play, unfortunately the attempt at humour is misplaced. If they had played the march well and added their bit of humour then that really would have been impressive.

    It's great to see the Uni Bands out, especially the ones that aren't comprised solely from music students. Bands people continuing to play during their studies is important for the longevity of the movement. I heard one that had 40 players out and they made a good job of the march on the platform, it was good to see.

    Hearing good players make a mockery of a classic march is a little sad for me.

  8. Yes. They raised several hundred pounds for Christies and had photos taken with young children all the way round. What's wrong with that?
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    So why not play the march properly, dont start drinking before leaving the rncm and still raise money and have pictures taken. It doesnt look good on the players involved being 'under the influence' making them play badly and doesnt look very professional for the rncm or which ever college they are representing.
  10. They were not representing the RNCM. They are just a bunch of friends who wanted to have a bit of fun and raise some money for a good cause. My god! No wonder the young people of today despair of "old farts".
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    Many different views on this, you have bands who are trying to make money to make ends meet. Other bands trying to have fun and raise money for charity and other bands trying to get the over all top spots, all views are relevent in this day.

    The Contests are open to all-comers, so surely whether you want to wear a clown outfit marching down to Rocky or wearing your own bands uniform playing Army of the Nile its a wonderful day/evening and should not become for eletist in its attitude.

    If a group who have an obvious talent fail to maximise there chance of raising more money by winning a few prizes, other than collecting then its a shame. But maybe they spend all year having to work hard at there places of study, wanted to let there hair down and have some fun, while raising money for charity ...good for them.:clap:

  12. At last! a voice of reason.:tup
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    Hahaha!!!!! Priceless. Speaking of 'cheap shots' it sounds like Hula Hores et al consumed rather too many before holding the rest of us up all night.

    Anyway, back to the actual thread, is Wych right or wrong? Hobgoblin was probably trying to light a small fire but, 'centralbankofdad' (student credentials given away there methinks!) perhaps you could slip out of your RNCM undies for 2 minutes to give us your actual opinion?

  14. ???
    Not sure what planet you're from.
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    Mr W is SPOT ON. Anyone turning up to a band rehersal or job totally drunk is a disgrace to banding!
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    I'm going to wade in here and add my two-penneth.

    There will always be different levels of banding. This is part of the nature of the game, and the beauty of whit friday is that you can be a Junior Band with an average age of thirteen can follow on (or be followed on by) the likes of Brighouse and Rastrick, Fodens, Fairey's et al. And I would argue strongly against anything that changed that state of affairs.

    HOWEVER, regardless of the level we play at, Whit Friday is a contest like any other, and it's my opinion that it should be respected as such. Regardless of what level we choose/are able to compete at, musicianship contains a strong element of self-betterment, and the aim of every band should be to play the best performance that they can.

    If you want to go to Whit Friday, dress up, have a laugh and a load of beer, that's fair enough too - but leave the instrument at home. And by all means, take your instruments, go out, get drunk, play badly, raise money for charity - there are plenty of occasions where that behaviour is entirely appropriate. But don't do it where your actions can legitimately be interpreted as disrespectful.

    So for me, don't do it at Whit Friday. It's not the place for it.

    I doubt we'll come to any consensus here, but that's my opinion. I'm not going to speak about it in terms of 'disgust' or other emotive words that have been bandied about - i'll simply say that personally I don't think it's appropriate.
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    It's quite an emotive issue, this... There are those that feel strongly that the quality of the event has been diluted by the recent proliferation of themed scratch bands that are more there for the atmosphere than for achieving the highest possible playing standard. And then there are those who feel that such bands are what makes the atmosphere most memorable. Certainly, the reception from the crowd at villages I've seen for the last two years playing with Tartan Brass has been much more engaging than the usual "Oh, you sound nice, now who's next?" that you get when playing for a regular band.

    There seems to be a high degree of confusion over what the overall purpose of the event is. There are those who point out that it was originally a celebration of a religious event, a continuation of the daytime events. With the greatest respect, I disagree profoundly with the sentiment that this is now relevant (and not only because I have little time for religion on a personal basis) - an event is defined by what it is, not what it once was, and in more than 15 years of attending the Whits avidly (on a couple of which I have played in the morning parades also) I have yet to see a single intrusion of religion into the evening events. It evidently long ago grew away from that basis, although there is still a superficial similarity between the religious daytime parades and the secular evening march contests.

    There are those that see in the growth of in-it-for-the-beer scratch bands a serious threat to the musical integrity of the event. I'm inclined to see this as overstating the issue, personally, although I do share the concerns of such people to a small extent. Certainly the circuit is crowded - but is it any more crowded than it has been for the last 10 years? I know events like Delph are recording record numbers of bands through year-on-year - but isn't this just due to improvements in efficiency? I remember regularly waiting hours to play at popular venues about 10 years ago, but that hasn't happened to me in the last few years. This year, despite seemingly record-breaking numbers of bands being out in Saddleworth, we had no long waits anywhere; we started late, finished early, and still got in the usual 6. Does anyone have numeric information on how the numbers of bands attending has changed from year to year?
    [I wonder... There have been many unsubstantiated allegations over the years about the big bands being permitted to queue-jump, and hence fit in rather more contests in the evening than bands of mere mortals - if this did go on, has it perhaps been cracked down on? That would tend to make things flow better for the rest of us. And might explain Mr Warder's grumpiness about the Hula Hores!]

    Ultimately though, if the balance of the event is felt to be out of kilter, the ability to weight it so that priorities change is in the hands of those who run the individual contests. Their rules, their game. There are means by which categories of bands could be provided with disincentives to enter certain contests. It would lend a pretty dour air to proceedings though if half the venues enacted a rule such as "Scratch bands pay £50 a time to play" - it would be very out of keeping with the current joyous spirit of the event.

    My first thought when I saw a thread started by "hobgoblin" containing the word "Wych" - beer!
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    My first thought when I saw a thread started by "hobgoblin" containing the word "Wych" - beer![/quote]

    :clap: cracking post (all of it )
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    Oh, so the banker not the payee then? lol

    Thirteen Ball, I'm with you (in case anyone hadn't already realised!)

    Mr. T, when have I ever been known to be grumpy?!?! ;)