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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by bobbyp, Jul 5, 2011.

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    I am looking for a Bass Trombone case to hold an Ophicleide for storage and travelling on trains with. The Ophicleide stands 96cm tall, which rules out the 'Gig' bags that i have already tried. Does anybody have anything suitable? Or even an actual Ophicleide case would be great, but i figured there wouldnt be any of those out there!

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    Would the cases from the old G trombones be suitable?
    They are quite long but not sure if the bell area would be large enough.
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    Is it the G Bass hard case? Theyre not moulded inside are they? One could work i guess, the bell of the Ophicleide must only be about 9", or do you reckon that is too big?

    I will probably contact the website if i really cant find anything.

    Do you reckon a normal Baritone Sax case would fit the bill? Reckon i could pick something up quite cheap off ebay? I just dont want to splash out on something new as ill only be taking it to London six times, and its only to stop it been bashed in a locked room.

    Thanks for replies!
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    I've an old bass trombone case which was built without moulding inside; it's fairly "open-plan" so might do the trick. It's back home (Gloucestershire) so I can't check measurements immediately, but can do so quite soon.

    When do you need the case, and how long for?
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    I'd need it really for the next year, then I'd probably sell it again (or if borrowing return it) as its main use would be in a locked storage room. Basically at the moment the Ophicleide is stored in the Head of Early Music Studies' Office, but he said I could keep it in the early music room (and be put on the list to use the early music room) if I had a case so that it didnt get damaged. I would also use the case to take it to London a few times (five or six) to have lessons at Royal Academy with Stephen Wick.
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    Even if it fits, I would be wary of the Tom & Will gig bags. I have got one of their double bags and last Saturday I nearly lost both of the instruments in it when the bottom gave way as I picked up the case (which had two instruments and a mouthpiece pouch in it - nothing else, so it wasn't over-stuffed or anything like that). Luckily both instruments were caught by the guy behind me so didn't hit the ground (thank goodness - both were Eclipse instruments).
    It is the last time I will use it or one of their cases - can't afford that to happen again.
    One of the zips have also come away from the case, revealing the padding inside.
    Something very similar has happened to one my of students' Tom&Will case - it is now held together with gaffer tape (and MUCH more secure than it ever was beforehand).

    The double case is the second one of theirs I have had - this was a replacement for another which had started to fail after just a couple of weeks of ownership (replaced for free)
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    Just to say I wasn't recommending any particular brand, just pointing out that the dimensions seemed about right for the ophicleide.
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    My first thought was a bari sax case too.

    On the reliability issue of tom and wills, I think people jsut need to be wary whatever gig bag they use, that at the end of the day, it will have inherent weaknesses. My husband has a triple and double cornet and I have a euph bag- all ritter- so far, the stitching has failed in a number of places on the triple and the other week (at the whits!) the strapping completely came off the double leaving the whole unit to fall to the ground. Luckily the instruments weren't damaged.

    I think anyone who buys a gigbag of any kind should be aware- there's a risk. And I'm not saying don't buy one, I'm still using mine!