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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by bobbyp, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. bobbyp

    bobbyp Member

    Anyone out there have a used Besson Sovereign 983 for sale? Not too fussed about finish, but the models I have played and fell in love with are the silver plate ones (not tried a lacquer!). Not looking to spend more than 3k, and I must be able to come try the instrument. Not too fussed if its a bit beaten as long as it plays well, and I am quite aware that my budget probably won't allow for much in the way of cosmetics (3k is absolute top of my budget!).

    Best wishes

  2. jennyt125

    jennyt125 Member

    Hi Bob,
    I agree and love them too, had two of them (both silver) but unfortunately it gets frowned upon in the bandroom so doesn't get as much use as i'd like.
    Good luck with the search i've only ever seen three come up for sale in the UK as second hand and the one I bought was over £3k but is in vgc.
  3. Phil Green

    Phil Green Supporting Member

    You'll struggle to find anyone selling one of these for that money.
    Have you thought how different it will play? 4th valve on the little finger is something that unless you've done it all the time will be hellishly hard to get used to. I couldn't and play quite a lot so went back to a 3+1.
    Good luck,
  4. bobbyp

    bobbyp Member

    I knew I'd be pushing my luck, but you don't ask you don't get as they say. I've done quite a bit 4 in a line on my CC now, I know it will be different with pistons (I've tried a few 983's now) but it's the sound that I am after that seems to be absent in 981's/982's and the York Preference. They also felt for me easier to hold when doing standing up gigs (which is 90% of my work at the moment).
    Thanks guys :)
  5. adamlittler

    adamlittler New Member

    Darn, misread the post title, thought I was in luck as I have a beautiful Boosey & Hawkes Sovereign silver plate euphonium for sale, shame you want a tuba!

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