wtb - bass trombone mouthpiece

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by bobbyp, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. bobbyp

    bobbyp Member

    Hey guys,

    Does anyone out there have a spare bach 1G out there for sale or something of similar or larger size (not a wick though please!)? I'm looking to spend around £20-25 including shipping?
  2. johnwaller

    johnwaller New Member

    Hi ,have a rath one and a half silver,it's too wide for me.
    John,nearly new.
  3. bobbyp

    bobbyp Member

    how much you looking for it?
  4. johnwaller

    johnwaller New Member

    Rath mouthpiece

    In nearly new condition 40 quid
    It's worth it.John.
  5. bobbyp

    bobbyp Member

    To be honest im only looking to spend £20-25. I'd be willing to spend maybe a little more if one a little bigger was near new, but if i'm forced to buy smaller because there's nothing out there i want to stick to my budget. Thanks anyway though! :)
  6. Hi Mate,

    I've got a 1G you can have for £25 inc postage.

    If you pm me with your contact details we can sort it out.

    Cheers, Selwyn
  7. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    Most of mine are in the 1-1/4 size band, but I do have a Schilke 60 that I'd let go for £25 if you want it.
  8. Platt2Dodd

    Platt2Dodd New Member

    I have what you want VBach 1G if you are still looking.
    Post reply or 07882367902
  9. bobbyp

    bobbyp Member

    Thanks for the offer, but have managed to find one :D thanks for all the help! :)


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