Wright and Rounds?

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  1. why can I not find any web reference to Wright and Rounds? have they ceased to exist, and if so, is anyone selling the stuff from their catalogue?
  2. The Wherryman

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    Did your search find this site? It seems like Boosey has the catalogue.
  3. The Wherryman

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  4. many thanks!
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    Wright and Round are very strong, it has been a part sponsor of the Nationals for the last 2 years, it currently ships over 50,000 red and blue hymn books internationally and has a catalogue (including an imence archive) off over 5,000 pieces of music for brass band. Wright and Round mainly as a music publisher rely on its dealership network for music distribution. But with the expanding market world wide Wright and Round are a VERY profitable company.
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    The website has been unavailable for a long time now, and I agree, it's very frustrating.
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    Agreed. I was recently trying to locate some biographical details for founder Harry Round, and my first attempted stop was the W&R website. Poking through a site by having to search for every page and then loading its Google cache is not an efficient way to have to work...