WP Bourgeois Tuba Concerto with Brass Band

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    World premier of Brass Band version of Bourgeois tuba concerto no 2. 9th July 2016 Cadogan Hall London. David Carter tuba, East London Brass. Conductor Jayne Murrill. On my soundcloud page.

    https://soundcloud.com/davetubaking/tub ... -91th-2016" target="_blank" target="_blank.

    Better than the orchestral performance but still much to improve. Maybe third time lucky when I do the Wind band version Premier in October.

    Then I can put it away and I really hope others take it up when it's published by Derek's publisher Hafabra Music.

    The orchestral version will not be published and if anyone was interested in that version they can contact me.
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    Will there be a piano reduction version?