Wow - what a heartwarming Christmas story...

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by TheMusicMan, Jan 1, 2004.

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    that is one hell of a story john, one i think everyone should read
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    Link doesn't seem to be working.
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    Unfortunately, John, it seems to want people to log in to view this message.

    Can you post a copy of it here?
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    its working ok at the moment guys, ive just come from there.
    this is somthing that everyone onhearc should at least have a look at

    I would imagine the story itself is far to big to put on hear, whilst i was on there were 54 people rreading the thread, and it was 97 pages long!
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    Nobody needs to register to see it....

    It's 96 pages long (that since boxing day) :shock: :shock:

    They have just created an individual category for just that thread and I have now updated the link... should be OK now folks.

    Can I say, this must be one - if not the - most inspirational thread I have ever seen on the net. It has received massive circulation and distribution since it's 1st post on Boxing day.

    There are some truely good people out there...
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    Nope, I'm sorry, all I get is:

    Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.

    The error returned was:

    You do not have permission to view this topic
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    I'm not sure why this is happening Ian... I click on the link and get...

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    Aha - apologies Ian - I think they may have now changed to registered to view...

    Sorry about that...

    Is still worth registering to read it though...
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    Then can we have a bit of a copy and paste over here, please? :)
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    ... and then there's a further 96 pages of replies from all over the world...
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    that is so touching
  13. super_sop

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    i have sad news to bring reagarding fruit_loops. the young man in this story.

    A team of medical personell from all over America, came to gether to perform surgery on this young chap. unfortunately fruit loops died the other day, after sufering a masive fit. i know this story touched a few people on here, myself and tMM included..

    sorry to bring this bad news.

  14. Kari Anson

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    I read this thread and clicked on the link - without ANY problems. Paragraph 6 had me welling up. I would use the cry emoticon :cry: but it doesn't seem strong enough for how I felt.

    Have now read SuperSops post to which I did not believe! However I trust the guy so DO believe him.

    Made me have faith in the fight against cancer is not a lost one. There are plenty of people out there to be helped - am determined to help them.

    RIP - A wonderful child/young adult (whom I never knew) who lost his fight against cancer but loved paintballing.
    A magnificant father-in-law Harold Anson.
    An inspirational foster mother Bridget Rees
    A lovelyman who made very polite but warming conversation Mr Thorne Snr.
  15. drummergurl

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    thats a very moving story, i was crying most of the way through readng it. n its amazing how an almost complete stranger can change the last week or so of someones life.
  16. cornetgirl

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    I'm in floods. That is so nice - what a shame it didn't end happily.

    Rach x