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    I was wondering who would use a 3rd party visa service to obtain a tourist visa?
    I'll expand a little... 2 weeks ago I booked a weeks holiday for myself and my youngest daughter Naomi to Tenerife. However an hour or so after I booked (lastminute.com) a tour operator rang me and said that the holiday I had booked was unavailable - It did say subject to availability!
    I was offered an alternative one to Goa for 2 weeks from the 8th December for the same price and even 2 free passes to the exectutive lounge at Manchester airport. I made a rash decision and said yes. I found out last week that I would require a visa from the Indian embassy and they take 3-4 weeks to process because it is peak travel in December to India. My option was to travel to Birmingham but I would have to arrive there at about 5am and queue up until the embassy opened at 8,30am.
    I decided that would be difficult so I looked on the internet and found a couple of agencies that collect visas for you. I was a bit scared of sending my passports but I decided it was my only option.
    I sent them on Tuesday and today I recieved my passports back complete with visas, but the waiting was horrible and stressfull.
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    Can you not obatin them at the airport when you arrive in Goa. Visitors to Oman now seem to get their visas at the airport rather than sending off their passports to London as it is easier and cheaper!

    Not sure what the weather in Goa is like at the minute but I would advise you to take a hoody/cardigan for the evenings as we are not too far from there and we have had unsuspected rainful in the evenings and it has cooled down a lot too.

    Enjoy your trip!