Would you let this woman clean your instrument???

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by _si, Mar 6, 2010.

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    This video clip was on youtube by 'expert' village. I have no idea why its called expert as every single video features an 'idiot' pretending to know what they are doing.

    Anyhow, allegedly THIS is how you are supposed to clean your instrument (look out for the WD40 and the amount of times she clangs it on the table LOL)

    [youtube]v=3hCPtS2B-s8 [/youtube]
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    Is it me or is that a lacquar trumpet she's silver polishing? :rolleyes:

    Also found this:


    Putting the testing tecnique comment aside :eek: I would say exposing your precious instrument to a naked flame probably isn't the best advice - especially if its lacquar finish (having succesfully removed a decent quantity of it by putting a flugel in very hot water once upon a time)
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    My. God.

    Expert village? More like village idiot.

    Basically the jist is this: If, after you've bashed in your leadpipe in with a mallet, then rammed a drumstick up through the bottom of your valves, you decide you are totally inept at trying any kind of 'repair', then take it to a proper instrument repairer who may possibly laugh in you face before relieving you about about three times as much as the repair would've cost if you'd gone to them in the first place.

    By the way - WD40 is a really bad idea on any kind of brass instrument.
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    I did find these highly amusing, the lady in question would make a perfect lead role in a horror film about Brass Instrument torture :biggrin:

    Dont think it would be as funny if it were my instrument though!
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    I love the way she says in the last video "don't use a drumstick on your instrument" and "don't try to remove stuck valves yourself"....:rolleyes:

    BTW - looking at the info she has an 'associates degree in band instrument repair'....:eek:
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    I love the way she tries to demonstrate this by taking out the first valve...only to discover that the valve-cap is stuck after she ****ted it with the mallet in one of the previous videos, so she quickly does what any pro would do...just use a different valve and pretend that nothing went wrong!! This happens between 0:46 (1st valve) and 1:00 (2nd valve)

    Brilliant find these videos!! Pure genius
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    I think the videos should be renamed "How to cause great harm to your trumpet".
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    In answer to the origional Question.
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    I wonder if she's Corgi registered. A gas fitter I know takes better care of pipework

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