would like to get to know people :D

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by spoon, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. spoon

    spoon Member

    people who dont want to do it i do feel 4 them....

    i dont honestly think there is any tee total players in our band...(not always a good thing i no haha)...

    except 4 sum of the younger 1s!

  2. Hey spoon hows it going?

    Whats with the sarcastic comment about my comedy regime? I make myself laugh all day!!

    Hey i'm tee-total...tee-totally gonna get drunk at the areas!! hahaha, did you get it, a play on words! =) I made that up, god I'm a great comedian

    welcome to tmp by the way...FINALLY!! XX
  3. spoon

    spoon Member

    haha your so funny jack!!

    i no i think there may only be ross who wont be drinkin at all bless his cotton socks!

    i no im still trying to get use to it though but im getting there gradually...but as you should know after knowing me for decades haha i arent really the sharpest knife in the box...

  4. dyl

    dyl Active Member

  5. Awww bless him lol i'll get him drunk-only joking.

    Well it has been noted in the past that you're a joker short of a deck...and guess what I'm a joker, see the comparison thing that I made? Oh never mind chicken
  6. spoon

    spoon Member

    whats with the smiley face dyl??

    im not bothered if people think im stupid...it can work wonders ;)

    although i am brainy at some things :D
  7. Tony Tuba

    Tony Tuba Member

    Sorry Spoon but brains don't belong in banding! Probably due to the copious amounts of booze that's a'flowing! Beer, the cause of and solution to the vast majority of life's problems. Oh I can't wait for the Areas!!

    Welcome to tmp by the way.

  8. spoon

    spoon Member

    cheers!.....ye booze is a no problem solution everytime!

    im glad you think brains dont belong in banding because i think the booze drowned mine many moons ago!!

  9. Tony Tuba

    Tony Tuba Member

    Yup, I think it's safe to say that my so-called brain has been well and truly pickled over the years! I blame the Queen pub in Bradford for serving such a lovely pint of Bombadier. What's a guy to do?!
  10. spoon

    spoon Member

    i live in the queens pub when i go to areas haha!

    love that place :biggrin:

  11. Tony Tuba

    Tony Tuba Member

    Me too! Much nicer (and cheaper!) beer than St. George's bar.

    Do you go along to the top section contest on the Sunday as well? That's when the drinking really gets going!
  12. spoon

    spoon Member

    nope i dont and i cant anyway cos im back at work on the sunday...and it will be with a major hangover im sure haha as there is a party at 1 of the bander shouses afterwards hehe!!

    are you there on the sunday then??
  13. Tony Tuba

    Tony Tuba Member

    Yeah we play on Sunday, however I do usually find myself over there at some point on the Saturday as well, so I'll be seeing you in the Queens then!
  14. spoon

    spoon Member

    yes more than likely you will be doing...or may just hear me laughing or something haha!!

    you shall have to listen to our band though!!


  15. Tony Tuba

    Tony Tuba Member

    Might just do that. Depends on our rehearsal time though. It's been ages since I've had a right good **** up! I have to say I'm a bit of a lightweight nowadays coz I don't get to drink much. Well, some might say lightweight, I prefer 'cheap night out'!
  16. spoon

    spoon Member

    haha when i was in my 'chav' days i could drink a litre of vodka and just be going tipsy but now im absolutely off my head if i do!!

    its ridiculous this old age lark haha

    i wont know who you are though so i apologise in advance if i dont speak or see you!!

  17. Tony Tuba

    Tony Tuba Member

    Check your Hotmail inbox!
  18. spoon

    spoon Member

    which 1 is u???

  19. Tony Tuba

    Tony Tuba Member

    Ah yes of course, silly me! Far left! That was the bass section of our band at the Areas last year. It was taken in the Queens! (surprise surprise!)

    So now you know who to come and buy a drink for! ;o)
  20. spoon

    spoon Member

    haha......in my world its the men who buy us ladies a drink lol...

    cracking food in the queens too i must add haha....