Wot?? No bacon??!!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by ju33les, Oct 9, 2005.

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    Me and Tim went to a well-known road-side cafe last weekend armed with BOGOF voucher.
    We were met with "sorry, we have run out of bacon, just incase you want to order a breakfast"
    Ok, we thought, as it's early afternoon, we'll give brecky a miss and choose from the main menu!
    Problemo.........almost ALL the menu choices contained bacon eg chicken and bacon stack smothered in cheese and leek sauce, cheeseburger and bacon , etc etc etc

    So, in reality, the simple "sorry, no bacon" mattered a great deal.
    We asked if we could have an extra something or other in it's place.......which they said yes to, but chicken and sausage in a cheesy sauce didn't quite hit the mark(cheesy sausage.....)

    Anyways.....made sure we had the most expensive free dish to make up for it...

    Trivial story finished.
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