Wormshead Brass Debut!!!!

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by JonP, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. JonP

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    Wormshead brass will be making their debut at the Wales Millenium Centre on April 3rd at 3pm.

    Its a foyer concert so as far as i know its free!!!!!

    Wormshead Brass would like to thank WAMF for making the concert possible and would encourage everyone not only to support the quintet but also the National Youth Wind Orchestra of Wales who will be starting their course on the following Monday 4th April.

    Members of wormshead brass, Bob Ferriman,( trumpet) Jonathan Pippen (trombone) and Nick Smith (horn) are brass tutors on the course.

    for more information go to:

  2. mikebass

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    Good luck to you btmborn, and good luck to you all. Sorry I dont know you all but have known btmborn for a very long time and if you all have the talent and have worked as hard as him you truly deserve to be very successful.
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    Good luck to you. Our band (Cardiff Canton) have done two of these 'concerts' on Sunday afternoons and each time there has been a lot of people showing an interest. Most of the audience are just visiting the centre so do not sit and listen for the hour, but an awful lot of people end up standing on stairs and balconies for most of the hour.

    The concerts are free!!