DiskCap CD, DVD, Bottle Opener Keyring

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    Have you ever struggled to open the cellophane around a new CD, DVD or computer game?
    Have you ever been unable to open your bottle of pop because you didn't have a bottle opener?
    Have you ever struggled to find something to open a tin of paint?

    If the answer to any of these questions is 'YES' then you need the DISKCAP.
    The DISKCAP is a multi-purpose tool complete with 25mm split ring so you can use it as a key ring too!
    The DISKCAP is approximately 60mm long so it won't make a huge bulge in your pocket.
    CD and DVD cases are opened by a ceramic blade which, when slid down the side of your purchase, slices through the cellophane wrapping. The cleverly designed hook easily removes a bottle top. The leading edge will even open a tin of paint.

    The DISKCAP is supplied here in blue with our website address in gold lettering.

    The DISKCAP not only looks great, it works great too.

    Ideal stocking filler.

    Available from the World of Brass website by clicking HERE or on Ebay by clicking HERE.
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