World War I or II cornet solos

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    I'm looking for a cornet/flug solo from World War I/II era. Already have A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square.

    Wondered if anyone has any other suggestions?


  2. I'm a fan of I Hear You Calling Me, published in 1908, of which there is a brass band arrangement by Chas Marshall. It's one of my wife's favourites, and she has played it for many years as a solo on both cornet and flugel.

    I also played it recently with Northop Silver, and there is a recording of it on their website (soloist Geraint Jones).
  3. Correction, written by Chas Marshall, arranged by J Ord Hume. Stupid ****** 5 minute editing limit :x

    There's also a recording of Russell Gray playing it on Leyland's By Request CD.
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    Great, thanks Craig, I'll take a look at that now! :)