World Premier at ITEC, Austria, June 2012

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    Delighted to be able to announce that Aaron Rivkin, the hugely talented principal euphonium with the Milnrow Band, will be premiering a solo specially written for him by Foden's Composer-in-Residence Andy Scott at the International Tuba and Euphonium Convention in Austria in June. Aaron took both Open titles at Foden's competition, and we hope he will come back to defend his titles again in November. The solo is entitled 'Let There Be Peace'.

    On 28[SUP]th[/SUP] February 2012 a Landmark Poem from Lemn Sissay was unveiled in The Atrium, University Place, Manchester. ‘Let There Be Peace’ is a call for calm, or as Lemn says ‘a press release for peace’.

    In 1998 Lemn & Andy collaborated to create the work ‘My Mountain Top’, which is performed worldwide & has been recorded to date on nine CDs. Andy’s piece ‘And Everything Is Still’, initially scored for flute & piano, took its title from one of Lemn’s poems from ‘The Emperor’s Watchmaker’.

    Andy writes; “I find Lemn’s words inspiring, and in some cases the right vehicle for me to try and capture the spirit of his words via music. The writing of this piece coincided with the launch of ‘Let There Be Peace’ in Manchester, it all fitted well conceptually as I was writing this piece for the Manchester based euphonium player Aaron Rivkin. Aaron had won the Open Class in the inaugural Foden’s Band Solo Competition. In my role as Composer in Residence I was to compose a short piece for the competition winner as part of the prize.”
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    What is the ITEC - I thought the europeans were in late April or May? It seems a shame if the solo comp is now to run on a different date.
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    it's a conference for tuba and euphonium players.
    nothing to do with the EBBC whatsoever.