World/Polka/Folk band in Sheffield seeks players

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by midwalesman, Aug 13, 2006.

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    I am currently playing in a folk/world/polka band in Sheffield. We meet on Sundays in a pub in Sheffield, pm me and I'll let you know the location. At the present we are looking to start and maintain a band that includes guitars, drums, brass and vocals, which may go along the lines of Bellowhead/Brass Monkey and the 80's/90's jazz group Loose Tubes but with a difference. As a group we are looking for either baritones, trombones and possibly a tuba. It's all organised by Kevin Marshall a well known and appreciated folk musician in the Barnsley/Sheffield area.

    If you have any interest in doing something different than the typical brass band gig, and believe me this is different, pm me. THIS IS NOT A SERIOUS "PLAY THIS RIGHT OR GET SACKED" group and all the group are easy going and enjoy a few drinks. The gigs are interspersed through the year and sometimes play for traditional English folk dancing events and in the future folk festival events.

    Your attendance would be fully appreciated. So if there is anyone in Sheffield wanting to spend Sunday afternoon doing something different let me know.
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    Hi, are you intermingling with wind instruments, i.e Alto Sax and reading off dot's?

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    Good Luck with the band Rich , It's a really good laugh doing something different :)
    if you need some dodgy arrangements have a word with Chris ( Stopher) he knows an arranger called gordon plums who does some tasty arrangements..
  4. stopher

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    It's a lie - I have no idea who Gordon Plums is!!!!!

    Nick - I told you to never mention that!
  5. nickjones

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    Gordon Plums is a purvayor of quality arrangements in the style of Jonny Ocean , Edrich Siebert and Gordon Langford...I never mentioned your plums , chill winston....
    anyway back on topic , good luck with the band Rich..
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    Thanks for the replies in this thread. To answer some of the questions raised.

    a) Rehearsals are arranged on Sundays that the most people are available and the gigs are usually either on Friday or Sundays.

    b) The instrumentation is purely experimental and so is the music to a large extent. We have written polka music, quadrilles and then there is English and Welsh Folk music as well as a dabble of dixieland jazz standards.

    c) Everyone is welcome at these events and we would like to have a diverse range of people and instruments so that we can make the sound both new and interesting. Though we don't want the band as such to be more than 8 people.

    d) I can't remember the name of the pub today but it resides near the Tesco just off the road towards Hillsborough.

    Further details to follow and rehearsal times.

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