World of Brass Tunes is here!

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    We are delighted to announce the launch of World of Brass Tunes, what we think is the world's first music download store dedicated to brass bands.

    Latest releases on the Doyen and SPS labels will be available from as little as 99p per track with complete recordings for just £9.99.

    Recordings previously deleted from our catalogue, and no longer available on CD, will now become available once again. Individual tracks from just 49p with complete recordings available for just £4.99.

    World of Brass Tunes puts you in control; single tracks or complete recordings, it's your choice.

    Visit now and see for yourself.

    This is a phased launch with more recordings available next week and beyond.

    World of Brass Tunes, the world of brass has changed again!
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    Hmm very good, but!

    why have the bundle offer on the regional cd?
    if there was one track i would want, it was Dark side of the moon.

    thought what a great idea! followed the link and................ i have to buy all the others just to get this track!!!

    or am i missing something??
    confuzzled sop player
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    We're working on a solution to that and hope to have something in place next week. The same goes for James Cook - Circumnavigator.
    We think that there is a way that we can offer certain single tracks independent of the CD they appear on.
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    great work!!!:clap: :clap: :clap:

    cant wait to getmy hands on circumnavigator! :bounce
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    Cant wait to start buying stuff here, have lots of marches I wanted to buy as a teaching aid for junior band, but couldnt justify buying entire CD's!

    What bitrate do the files have, and what file format are they, mp3? Probably the best for all round compatibility! :)
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    WMA, AAC or MP3.
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    nice site , much easier getting the odd track instead of spending £12 or so on an entire cd.
    Now listening to Festival Music !
  9. Sounds good, but I still reccomend iTunes - tunes 79p and albums about 7 quid and I bet they've got just about as much brass band stuff.
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    Was trying to find a link from the main World of Brass site, but dont think theres one on there, had to come back on here and search for this thread, just to get the link...!!!
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    There isn't one yet, the pressure has been on the last few days so we'll get one sorted soon.

    Now that you've got the link, why not save it to your favourites.
  12. Itunes from what I can see has nothing for brass bands at all apart from the odd thing from Grimethorpe and the really old classic recordings. Really poor, world of brass tunes definatly has a massive market, there's nothing else out there to download the latest brass band recordings. Worth every penny and I hope they add to the catalogue soon!
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    Just used for first time. Great facility.
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    You can but Epic Brass on iTunes, yes it's quite old but it's one of the best and has James Cook on it!
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    Yeah iTunes has a particularly poor range of brass although i must recommend Westoe Band's Beyond the Colliery album.... [/plug];) ;)

    And yes, i do agree that WorldofBrassTunes is a great idea!
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    OK just a few more questions!

    Will the entire range of CD's your store has be on that site?

    And how many Cd's will be released per week on average, and when can we expect to see the next lot?

    Itching in anticipation!
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    No problem, thanks for your interest.
    We will be concentrating on our own labels (i.e. Doyen and SP&S) first.
    I can't really answer that because it is a new venture for us. However, there is always likely to be a flurry of new titles around the time of the Nationals, Europeans and British Open in the same way as there is with our CD launches.
    Hopefully very soon because there are several with our webmaster as I type this.
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    Is there a reason that you cannot buy some of the tracks from the CDs - is it intentional so that the whole albums get bought?
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    SWEET SWEET SWEET SWEET, now I dont have to pay exorbitant pricess and wait ages for the post to come!!!!
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    there's nothing too great up yet, I hope more is to come!