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    Salvationist Publishing & Supplies Ltd (SP&S) is a trading arm of The Salvation Army which specialises in the production and sale of recordings, sheet music and literature as well as Salvation Army uniforms. Our aim is to undertake this activity profitably, returning all profits to The Salvation Army to assist in the continuance of its work.

    SP&S is now proud to boast 3 premier brass band labels in Doyen, Egon and SP&S. We are now considered to be the largest distributors of brass band recordings in Europe.

    Our entire catalogue of brass band recordings is available online at

    Facilities include on-line ordering and a comprehensive search facility.
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    World of Brass

    We have just produced a Spring 2003 Update to our previous Autumn 2002 catalogue.

    This was enclosed with the latest issues of the British Bandsman and Brass Band World.

    If you didn't get a copy with your periodical or don't take them but would like the update anyway, please send an email to
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    The Spring 2004 update catalogue has just been produced and sent to everyone on our mailing list.
    It's also enclosed with this weeks British Bandsman and will be included with the next issue of Brass Band World.
    If you don't get a copy by any of these means, then please PM me and I'll make sure you get one.

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    Glancing through mine there seem to be a few good issues in the pipeline, especially Roger Webster's new disc.

    Hope you don't lose too many sales with the introduction of postage charges for UK orders.
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    Get in quick before the website is updated!
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    Does this apply to the "clearance items" on the website as well which have gone back to full price in the catalogue?
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    Sure. If you are fortunate enough to order a title on the website before we have put it back to full price then that is the price that will be honoured.

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