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Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by Kerwintootle, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. Kerwintootle

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    I feel I must mention the service that World of Brass provide.

    I have ordered CD's from them and they arrived very quickly and an email was sent to me to check everything was ok. Then I asked about some sheet music and was told that the piano parts weren't readily available, but then Dominique from World of Brass managed to find two SA composers who had done piano parts for the solos I was looking for and they contacted me and I have received both parts today.

    World of Brass have proved to be very efficient and courteous and I feel I must recommend this service to anyone wishing to purchase CD's/music etc.

  2. John Brooks

    John Brooks Well-Known Member

    World of Brass

    Hear, hear! Quick responses to questions; great delivery, even across the pond. Well done Trevor, Dominique and Carl.
  3. Yeah! And they even send me their brochure all the way to Denmark, for free... Nice going WoB 8)
  4. Seedhouse

    Seedhouse Active Member

    Gets a huge thumbs up from me! Well done to the WoB peeps! :wink:
  5. John Brooks

    John Brooks Well-Known Member

    You just can't beat this. I emailed a question to WoB at 1.30 (6.30pm GMT) expecting to hear back tomorrow morning. I received a reply direct from Trevor Caffull within the hour. That equals legendary service in my book. Thanks Trevor :D :D :D
  6. Active Member

    Either that or a sad bloke who doesn't know when to go home!

    Seriously though, we can all access our work emails at home so quite often I will reply to questions when I'm checking my personal emails at home.
  7. Yeah WOB are ledgends...bout a month ago I filled out their catalogue order form and within 10 days I had a huge full colour brocure full of CD's books and music sitting on my doorstep (Probably the best range I've ever seen) ...all the way over in Australia. Better still, I didn't have to pay a cent. Fantastic service, I'm sure I'll always buy from them first in the future.
  8. Bariman

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    Pre-ordered the new Dyke and the Brass in Concert CDs. Still waiting....
  9. Active Member

    John, there is an issue with your method of payment on your order.
    Mail Order have tried, so far unsuccessfully, to contact you on the telephone number given on your order.
    Please contact Rob Moye on 020 7367 6599 to resolve the problem.
  10. silkenrose

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    WOB get a huge thanx from me too, and for those of us not living in the UK i discovered something else which WOB did.

    That is, they did not charge me VAT (as the goods in question were being sent outside the UK i presume).

    I have ordered CDs from other UK websites, but WOB was the first supplier to specifically NOT charge VAT.

    Maybe there's a message here ?????
  11. bertramtrumpet

    bertramtrumpet New Member

    how many days does it normally take for delivery of cds ?
  12. carlwoodman

    carlwoodman Member

    I guess it would depend on where they are being sent!
  13. bertramtrumpet

    bertramtrumpet New Member

    :) Suppose it would!!

    Its going to Scotland!
  14. Active Member

    We normally send your order to you in 7 business days.
    Quite often we are quicker than this, it depends how busy we are at the time.
    Are you chasing a delivery or are you about to place an order?