World of Brass at the Nationals

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    As in recent years, the World of Brass trade stand will be trading in the glass foyer at Door 6 of the Royal Albert Hall. We'll be there from when the doors open on Saturday morning to the end of the interval of the evening gala concert.

    We will also have a trade stand in the Imperial College Students Union which is part of the excellent exhibition of trade stands organised by the Association of Band Traders.

    If you are visiting Regent Hall for the Regent Hall Brass Arts Festival on Thursday and Friday, we'll be there too!

    New product available for the first time at Regent Hall will include;
    Black Dyke Band 150th Anniversary Concert DVD and
    Now That's What I Call Brass, Volume 3 which will be free to anyone spending over £50 on their order.
    These will also be available on our website from tomorrow.

    You might also care to visit the Elgar Room in the hall itself where you will find Ken Kendall on the R. Smith & Co. stand selling a wide range of CDs and sheet music and the British Bandsman stand where you can take out a new subscription, renew your existing subscription and catch up on recent copies you may have missed.
  2. Silly me I think I spent 45 quid with wob the other day. One more of those bargain Basement cd's and saving the purchase till Sat might have got me the cd free :( .

    That Christmas cd for 4.99 looks very good value.

    I know for the Open Birmingham Citadel play in the foyer. Does any SA band play in the RAH for the nationals? Never been before.
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    I think Saturday will be a real eye opener for you, Mr DrummerJones. Enjoy it! You will see (in terms of brass playing) that 99% of SA bands have a way to go to match these guys on show. But i know the reasons behind playing is very much different with in 'army' circles.

    You will probably notice lots and lots of SA people in attendance, and maybe even one or two taking part in various bands. (For example, the principal cornet of Redbridge, a man from the land of daffodils and leeks, is also the principal cornet of Enfield. and plays in the Household Poopers band) Im sure there are others playing too.
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  5. Looks a great value double cd that does. Do I receive it free , as I spent about a tenner on sheet music with you and over 40 quid the other day i think on some cd's ;)

    Excellent selection of choices on there too. There's fun tunes like "Tomado la mano" (household troops live at birmingham springs to mind lol) and then nice ones like "French" ,"There Will be god" and good pieces like Olympic Spirit.
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    Wooooo! Just ordered my copy if the black dyke dvd! :tongue: The concert was absolutely amazing....I recommend buying it! I'm hoping it manages to capture the audiences somewhat out of time clapping?? Ooooh I can't wait! :biggrin: