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    The championship section final of the National Brass Band Championships here in the UK is the biggest and most prestigeous date in the banding calendar.
    The event draws crowds from all over the British Isles and beyond. Indeed, we know of many overseas friends who plan their annual holidays around the contest!

    The National Championships is one event where we like to release new recordings and this year is no exception. In fact, this year an unprecedented NINE new recordings on our own labels (SP&S, Doyen and Egon) will be available for the first time.
    To cope with the anticipated demand for these recordings at the Royal Albert Hall, we have taken an extra trade stand inside door 6 especially to carry these new releases.
    Our other two trade stands in their usual places (the glass foyer outside door 6 and in the Imperial College Union building) will be carrying a more extensive selection from our ever increasing range of recordings.
    Don't worry if you are not going to be at the National Championships as all the new releases are already available to order in the New Releases section of our website.

    Here's a brief summary of what's new on Saturday;

    The Trumpets of the Angels (Black Dyke Band)
    Music of the Spheres (Yorkshire Building Society Band)
    Shown in the new catalogue as Out of this World but title was changed at the last minute!
    Brass Band Classics, Volume 3 (Buy as you View Band)
    Monument (Brett Baker with Black Dyke Band)
    Comrades (Nick Hudson & Andrew Justice with Enfield Citadel Band)
    The Kerwin Sound (Alexandra Kerwin) This one has its own thread HERE
    Somewhere in Time (Sellers International Band)
    Pastoral Brass (Kettering Citadel Band)
    Celebration 125 (Highlights of The Salvation Army Gospel Arts Concert 2004)

    If you're not on our mailing list and haven't received our latest (Autumn 2004) catalogue, collect one from any of our trade stands.
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    Out of this World, presumably! ;)

    although I somehow prefer your title!
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    Medication please...
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    When we went to press with the catalogue it was going to be called Out of this World. However, it was changed over a weekend to Music of the Spheres only just beating the deadline to the manufacturers!
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    Well, I have to say that is marketing at its very best.

    Just what we have come to expect from WOB !! :biggrin:
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    David King may have had a hand in this change.
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    A big thank you to Brett Baker who spent some time at one of our trade stands furiously signing copies of his latest solo CD, Monument.

    What a thoroughly decent chap he is!

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