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    As usual, the World of Brass trade stand will be the focus of attention on Saturday when we will launch a number of new products;

    Regionals 2006; featuring the 5 test pieces for the 2006 Regional Championships.

    Echoes of the East; the latest release from Buy As You View Band.

    Whit Friday Marches 2005; highlights from the Delph march competition including the performance of The Mouthpiece by The Mouthpiece Band.

    150 Golden Years - The History of Black Dyke Band; a brand new book from Dr. Roy Newsome who provides a unique insight into the institution that is Black Dyke Band.
    (This book will also be available from Amazon.)

    These products are all in stock now and available on our website.

    Details of three more new releases will appear here later!

    Other relatively new products available include;
    A Light in Heaven's Window; a slow melody CD from David Daws.

    James Morrison Gospel Collection; the latest CD from the phenomenal Australian multi-instrumentalist widely known as 'The Wizard of Oz'!

    Sounds of Praise; The Salvation Army Gospel Arts Concert 2005 live from the Royal Albert Hall. This is our first ever DualDisc which is DVD one side and CD audio the other side.
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    Any more details on the bands included and which piece they play?
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    Regionals 2006 track list as follows;

    Journey to the Centre of the Earth (Black Dyke Band)
    Voyage of Discovery (Buy As You View Band)
    Images of the Millenium (Scottish Co-op Band)
    Entertainments (Fairey FP (Music) Band)
    Anglian Dances (Scottish Co-op Band)
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    I saw on the back of this weeks British Bandsman, David Childs' new solo cd- is this being released at the Open too? (crosses his fingers!!!)
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    Alex, we were already in Birmingham by the time you posted this message.
    The new David Childs CD Welsh Connection was available at the Open but it didn't arrive until the afternoon!

    We were not well-served by the company that delivers from the Sony plant in Austria on Friday. Three shipments should have been delivered to us in London before we left. This didn't happen.
    We had to collect Jewels in the Crown from their Birmingham depot on Saturday morning. Welsh Connection was delivered after we left London and was brought to Birmingham during the day by one of our team. They would have been there earlier but he spent much of Saturday at depots in Vauxhall and Heathrow trying to find the European 2005 DVD that they had managed to lose!

    Just to cap it all, we got caught between junctions 13 and 12 of the M1 on the way home, after a fatal accident closed the motorway for about four hours.

    Happily, all products have now arrived!
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    ..and I was the one who ran over and got the first copy!!! Made my day that did! :D (apart from the Open of course!)
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    *cough* BOC! *cough*
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    Lol! Well pardon me for saying it, but it's an absolutely AMAZING cd! Absolutely fantastic playing from Dave Childs- he keeps getting better and better!
    (and if i'm going to be classified as a BOC so be it! :p )
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    Is this a new or old recording???
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    Is there going to be a DVD out again from the Open this year? Hope so cos would love to see what happened on the day!
    Last years one was good, roll on plenty more DVDs of contest and concerts for us folk that cant get there!
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    It's a reissue of the old one by Faireys under Peter Parkes.
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    World of Brass didn't film the British Open this year.

    Our next DVD releases will be;
    Second to None - Nulli Secundus from Coldstream Guards Band which will be ready at the end of the month for the band's tour of Japan.
    Black Dyke Band 150th Anniversary Concert, a live recording of the Bridgewater Hall concert, including James Morrison, which we're aiming to have ready for the National Championships in October.
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