World MS Day

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    Having seen first hand how this horrible disease can affect people like my brother, who had to give up a promising brass playing future because of MS (he was a member of YBS at the time of his diagnosis), please allow me a moment to help raise awareness of today, World MS Day.

    when: World MS Day will be held on Wednesday 27 May 2009 (and the last Wednesday of May every year in future).

    why: World MS day has been established to:

    • Raise awareness of MS, national MS societies and the global MS movement
    • Unite, broaden and mobilise the global MS movement
    • Generate funds to support the global MS movement
    how: Individuals, groups and organisations can get involved in World MS Day by:
    • Registering their involvement in the global MS movement
    • Organising or participating in a World MS Day event
    • Registering MS related research
    • Donating funds to support the work of the global MS movement
    what: The global MS movement unites every person with and affected by MS worldwide . Together every individual, group and organisation in the world can fight to improve the quality of life of all people with MS and the many more people affected by it. The global MS movement:
    • Undertakes research into treatment for, and an end to, MS
    • Develops the capacity of MS societies to support people with MS
    • Communicates information about MS
    • Advocates and campaigns for the rights of people with MS
    More details:

    Thank you.