World Cup 2010 - Our Year??

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Andy_Euph, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. Andy_Euph

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    What's everybody thinking about this years world cup? Although I still think he's been overrated for much of his career, Wayne Rooney is in stonking form just in time for the summer...he could take us all the way.

    And as an added plus point Rio has been injured a bit, just hope someone snaps him so we can take a good defender to SA.
  2. bbg

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    It's started already...............................
  3. Columbo

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    I applaude your optimism :-; , and also agree with your idea to increasing our chances. As great as it would be and as much as I WILL support them, lets not get carried away yet. I do agree with you, Rooney is awesome currently (and that from a LFC fan!). I'd go as far as to say, arguably the best striker in the world currently. That said, there are some 20 odd other players to consider, 15 - 16 of which would not even get on the training ground of most of the top 5 international teams. The bottom line is that, most of the English players in the squad are only there due to the fact that they are made to look good by the excellent quality of their foreign teammates! Until the money dries up in football, then the youth will never come through and play AGAINST the best foreign teams, thus demanding that they improve to compete. Sorry for that cliche, but its a fact.

    I do agree with you also about Rio. The most over rated defender for years! 28M was it? Then they wonder where all the money is being wasted in football. It's only a nation like ours that could make Rio a hero. I draw your attention to Merson, Adams, then include Rio and many other disgraced footie players that have still been allowed to grace our screens as managers and pundits and earn literally millions of pounds AFTER 'alleged offences, bungs and addictions'! BACK TO BASICS PLEASE!

    Side Question. Terry or Bridge? Should Terry do the honourable thing and step down, and would it make much difference who plays anyway?
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  4. StellaJohnson

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    world cup 2010 - our year?
  5. Laserbeam bass

    Laserbeam bass Active Member

    As a supporter, I hope so :biggrin:

    As someone who works in the gaming industry, I hope not. If England win the world cup, we would probably go out of business :mad:
  6. Thirteen Ball

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    Lot easier to find a decent centre-half than it is a decent left-back.... although the london press would be straight on Capello's back if he dropped JT.

    Difficult call for Capello, as Terry's form has been very good of late. If ashley cole hadn't crocked himself, there wouldn't be an issue. I think bridge can feel justifiably hard done by though. He must feel completely let down that he's blameless in all this, yet he's the one that has been left with no choice but to not go to the world cup.

    Then again, I bet the England players are keen that Terry stays in the squad. After all, if Capello decides to operate a wives and girlfriends ban while they're over there, the players will want him to stay where they can keep an eye on him.... ;)

    England 2010 world champions? With less than 40% of the players in our top division from the home nations? No. Simply not going to happen.
  7. dyl

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    World Cup 2010 - our year?

    No. We haven't qualified.
  8. manx_yessir

    manx_yessir Member

    If Rooney is fit England have a really good chance. If he isn't, they've no chance.
  9. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    One man doth not a team make.....

    (Unless that man is Diego Maradona - and Rooney ain't in the same bracket.)
  10. lynchie

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    Rio's done alright in the last few years despite being a dodgy defender eh?

    Half of what Alan Hansen describes as one of the world's great defensive partnerships. Central to a team that's won 3 league titles in a row and a European Cup to boot. He must be worrying that eventually someone will find him out.

    On a serious note, England will need Rooney to be on top form if they want to win the World Cup. They'll also need to hope that they can come up with a decent solution to the left wing problem, since they can't rely on Ashley Cole to provide the attacking impetus down that side.
  11. Columbo

    Columbo Member

    Rooney. I agree, quality. Its little doubt he will hold his own in S.A. That said, Crouch. Greatest England goalscorer since Shearer. The facts don't lie, whether you like him or not. Then again, to contradict that, struggle to beat another 3rd rate international team, relying on dodgy goalkeeping, a suspicion of offside and the thankfulness of as many subs as you want to choose from to pull it round. Lets set up a friendly against France, Germany, Holland. I'd feel more confident if we match them in a friendly. Sorry guys, would love to be more optimistic, but same old excitement after beating no-one.
  12. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    The Leeds fans in my office always said (even when he was at leeds) that their best centre-back pairing was woodgate and Radebe, and that Rio would be alright as long as he could learn something off them - which he never did. Rio's pace gets him out of jail a lot because positionally he's very poor. I would've expected alan Hansen to have spotted that by now, being as he is, IMHO one of the three best positional defenders ever. (The other two being Bobby Moore and Gary Pallister)

    Me and the boys in the office have been thinking about that, and we're struggling. Who is there? Stuart Downing's rubbish, and has been tried and failed many times. Is Joe Cole still not fit? He'd practically made that spot his own a year or so back. The width on the left is gonna be a problem - particularly as the left-back spot now has a big hole to fill.
  13. lynchie

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    Well, we'll have to agree to disagree. In my opinion he's developed into one of the world's best centrebacks in the last 5 years. His reading of the game is much better now, and when fit he consistently keeps some of the world's best strikers under wraps.

    Joe Cole's been out for a year, he won't be back to match fitness by June. I think it'll probably end up being Gerrard on the left, which is a rubbish compromise. They'd be better off with Ashley Young. Maybe James Milner, although he seems to be turning into a central midfielder now (exactly what England need more of).
  14. sniperjp

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    World Cup

    Yeah, hopefully we will do well, as my band has wrote a world cup song especially for this years england squad called 3 lions on fire.
    You can here a snippet at this link:
    and the purpose of the song is to raise £50,000 for willowbrook hospice.
    Everyone check it out please!
  15. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    Any one of your suggestions would be better on the left than Gerrard. He's a great player, but he isn't a winger, and doesn't really have a left foot other than for standing on. I think possibly even Downing (who I don't rate at all) would be better there as at least he's a natural left-footer and a natural wide-player.

    Isn't Gareth Barry left footed too? OK, hardly a winger but at least he'd balance the midfield.

    PS - It's been painfully obvious for years that England cannot play Lampard and Gerrard in the same team, as both fill the same role at their clubs, and both rely on having a more defensive-minded midfielder to tuck in behind them at club level. Yet we all know full well they'll both start every game they're both fit for. Is no England manager man enough to drop one of them?
  16. steve butler

    steve butler Active Member

    Milner on the left, Carrick and Gerrard central, Wright Phillips/Beckham (sub) on right. Lampard to come on in extra time to miss a penalty. Job done.
  17. themusicalrentboy

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    It is not our year. We will go out at the quarter-final stage, true to form. It doesn't matter who we pick.
  18. BigHorn

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    I like it :clap: good luck with your fund raising.

    I think we will get to the quarterfinals with ease and depending on who we meet in the semis probably into the final too. I daren't hope beyond that.

    Talking about world cup songs I bet nobody can remember this Brass Band world cup song. I only know about it because my friend played on it.
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  19. To the tune of "Rio", by Duran Duran -

    "His name is Rio, and he's sitting in the stand,
    That twisted knee's gonna cost him 50 grand!"

    (Or whatever bonuses they get)

    Apologies, Andy
  20. Columbo

    Columbo Member

    How very dare you. We have God given right to win it. Thats why we've won it several times and not just once in its history of which the only time as nearly 50 years ago! Personally, I thin we have a better chance without Rio. The Japs ran rings round him and so do most decent strikers. He's the most over rated and over expensive 'defender' in history! Risdale must have been rubbing his hands when he sold him. Irwin was the steal of the century £650K from Oldham! You were robbed Latics!