World BB Championships 2005 in Kerkrade (NL)

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    A few months ago, the EBBA announced that they will organise a brass band world championship next year in Holland, in cooperation with the organisers of the 4-annual World Music Contest in Kerkrade.

    Today I read the following statement on the website of the Buy As You View Band (you know, Cory ;) ). It's seems now that the participants have been selected (or at least, they have received an invitation). I'm curious which British and European bands are actually going to turn up . Quite a number of these bands were also invited for the All England Masters "International"...

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    The report of Brass band World includes an extra paragraph about two additional invitations to European bands:
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    world championships 2005

    on 4 bars rest there is a report there that you can access, or access ebba web site i believe
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    Very nice, but the correct site for EBBA is;
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    4Barsest have just released this.

    World Championships 2005

    Details have been released about next years World Cup of brass banding in Kerkrade

    A schedule of events for next years World Brass Band Championships to be held at the Roda Hall in Kerkrade has been issued by the event organisers.

    The near complete list of competing bands has been announced, plus details of the programming for the two day event.

    The bands who have accepted invitations so far are as follows:

    Yorkshire Building Scoiety (England)
    Buy As You View Band (Wales)
    Scottish Co-op (Scotland)
    National Band of Australia
    National Band of New Zealand
    Chicago Brass (USA)
    Stavanger Brass (Norway)
    Provinciale Brass Band Groningen (Netherlands)
    Brass Band Willebroek (Belgium)
    Brass Band 13 Etoiles (Switzerland)

    In additon the organisers hope to invite two further "wild card" bands to the event.

    In addition it has been anounced that Philip Wilby will write a specially commissioned test pice for the contest, whilst the bands in the top event will also perform an own choice programme of music. The adjudicators for the event will be selected later this year by the EBBA.

    Bands who wish to compete in the lower sections of the contest have until the 1st November to apply, whilst the contest itself will feature the top section set work on the 9th July with Sections 1 and 2, with the own choice programme being performed the next day. Further events and celbrations will also take place up to the 12th of July and include a "Kerkrade by Night" outdoor show at the local Roda JC Football stadium.

    How many people are planning a trip next year???

    Lee Downie
    Ex-Flowers Percussion
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    world bb championships Kerkrede NL

    Dear All This is a press statement issued on behalf of YBS

    Yorkshire Building Society Band, the current British Open, England Masters and European Champions confirm they are NOT attending Kerkrade in 2005.

    The official spokesman for YBS band, Simon Gresswell, commented, “Contrary to what people have been told, YBS have never intended taking part in the Kerkrade competition and this was made perfectly clear to Jeppie Dykstra (Kerkrade representative) following his email contact in late June.

    YBS band will however compete at the EBBA European Championships which takes place only two months earlier and is the official stage for the national champions from all the banding countries of Europe. The band has other non contest orientated musical projects in our schedule which we consider more important.”
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    Oh dear, sounds like someone has dropped a *beep*!!!!

    Edit: Respect the bleeper! (dyl)
  8. danbaldwin

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    Does anyone actually think this contest is at all necessary?

    I don't think it would be grossly unfair to say that the world's top bands are all from Europe. Therefore if the top European bands compete at the European Championships (a contest for which each band qualifies by a process of winning their official national championships) surely this negates the need for a "World Championship" at all, particularly an "invitational" one?

    I am not surprised in the least that YBS have no intention of competing. Where is the incentive for them to do so? They have already proved through their consistent form at the Europeans that they are more than capable of beating all of those bands, with the exception of the Australia/NZ/USA representatives who (with all due respect) could not profess to be in the same league as the top European bands.

    Just my opinion, although since I'm only a drummer and therefore know nothing I'm sure there will be plenty who disagree!


  9. DublinBass

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    OK Potter... :wink:

    First of all, this is only once everyfour years, so for us bands from outside of Europe this is our only sure fire chance to see how we stack up.

    (Granted Stavanger and Fodens had their way in their recent trips to the U.S. and IBB didn't fair particularly well at the Open, but we are 130 years behind you all and it is nice for our bands to get a barometer to compare ourselves to.)

    All I know is that as bands across the world (US, NZ & Oz) keep improving you'll see much closer competitions than you are ready for. I would also think that it as good as it is for us bands from the colonies :wink: to see the top European bands perform alot can be learned from your bands by seeing us play as well.

    Just as an example, I think for a long time the UK thought they alone had all the top bands. I would take Stavanger in a bet against any UK band in an entertainment contest.
  10. ted

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    We Aussies and Kiwis aren't sending normal bands to this championship.

    The National Brass Band of New Zealand is a top quality band, and should be able to compete with most of the bands in the world. (They will not lose a marching contest that's for sure.)

    The National Brass Band of Australia will be stacked with state and national champions all the way from 3rd cornet to bass trombone. (Last time that happened was in 1924, check the record books!)
    Although the players will be picked from all over Australia, the band plans to tour before the championship to pick up some form. So I think we'll put up a good show.

    Also, let's not forget YBS would never be where it's at without an Australian. (You guys claim him, but we know he's still ours)

  11. cornetcheese

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    Does anyone know why there is no band from Japan (national or otherwise) taking part in this contest? I have been very surprised at the standard of bands in Japan while I`ve been here - technically excellent and very meticulous!
  12. fitzy

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    I wouldn't count on there being an Oz band there. The organisation here will probably bugger it up before we get a chance to get there. A conductor has been chosen and no-one even heard that there was a selection going on (Its not a popular choice either). Its all a bit cloak and dagger at the moment.
    The organisations down here are far too political to let this just be a simple "pick the best players and conductor and send them over job". Its all about doing favours for people and keeping the people certain people happy.
    Maybe im just cynical though? :wink:
  13. PeterBale

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    According to the BrassBandWorld report quoted above the organisers didn't feel that Japanese bands are quite at the standard required to compete at the top level, but are hoping they may wish to enter one of the lower sections. When reviewing the recording of the Australian 2003 Championships, I must say I was quite impressed by the Japanese band taking part, and they certainly did not disgrace themselves.
  14. ted

    ted Member

    I second that. Osaka Harmony Brass gave a tight, mathematically faultless performance of Pageantry which scored very well with Mr Brand. Their sound is somewhat different to your traditional Yorkshire bands but I believe that there is enough room for different sounds on the world stage.

    The organisers are STUPID AND NAIVE if they think the bands in Japan are any less capable than the bands in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

  15. DublinBass

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    Agreed. Maybe the organizers will give a Japanese band a nod instead of another British band with YBS's withdrawl.
  16. Aidan

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    who said world banding was 100 years behind us :p looks like they've already caught up on some aspects!
  17. DublinBass

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    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. cornetcheese

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    I have had the good fortune of working with a band while being in Japan and I have to say I have been really stunned with the precision of there playing and, although their sound may not be "traditional" I still think it`s a high quality one which parallels the quality of their playing. I cannot fathom why the organisers would not ask Japan to submit a band or "national band" like they have done with NZ? It seems quite ludicrous to me - compared with other bands I have conducted and played in, I have been VERY impressed over here in Japan!
  19. fitzy

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    Id rather catch up on the playing side of this though! At least we do some things like the "big boys"!
  20. Jan H

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    just a small thougt: if the invitations for the World Championships are based on the results in the national championships over the last four years (as was done in Belgium and Holland), shouldn't Faireys be invited for England instead of YBS?