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  1. pantarheipaul

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    sometimes it is interesting to have a rehearsalweekend (3 or 4 times 4 hours) with a guestconductor? just to open more perspectives on the music, another point of view....
    have you aready done that?

    we did it to prepare a serie of contests and had magnificant results!

    and you?
  2. Okiedokie of Oz

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    I push for such an event every contest. Last year we had the principal eupho from Capricornmia Silver, my former partner when I was in the band. He conducts an A grade school band from out in the bush, and is great to work with. I suggest every band do it as often as possible!!

    also, if you have a deputy, or other aspiring conductors in the band, every so often give them a go!
  3. pantarheipaul

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    we worked a weekend long with Major Ian McElligott (3rd place with Scottish Co-op in Br. Open)

    Superb training with very good results.;)
  4. RonBarnes

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    working with a guest conductor

    I think working and rehearsing with a guest conductor in preparation for a contest is a valuable experience, provided that you accept that the guest conductor can be just as fallible as your regular guy. The main thing is to get a different insight into the piece you are performing and to be able to discuss and evaluate those differences. Don't regard the hire of a guest conductor as the infallible pathway to contest successes.
  5. Chunky

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    Quite agree Ron. We always use the same person (Mike Fowles). He is constructive in his comments, and makes suggestions, but always tells our MD it has to be his decision as it is his band. That way our MD doesnt feel he is being undermined.

    The band also respond well to these days, as although quite often they are being told the same things, when heard from a different person, it seems to sink in better!

    If you get the right person, who wants to help the band, a person the band and MD like and get on with, its well worth it.
  6. satchmo shaz

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    hi I think its a good idea, I always invite Walter Ritchie to come and take a couple of rehearsals and he works wonders! We have also engaged the sevices of Brian Draper and Billy Rushworth who was superb! I have also had guest players down and even organised a percussion masterclass with Naomi Cornish, which my very young perc section really enjoyed!
  7. Rebel Tuba

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    A great idea, we have recently had a guest conductor in, who would like to work more with the band. He is a great note basher and very experienced with sound production and quality.

    I think, with the agreement of our MD, he will become a regular feature in the bandroom may be once a month or so. It gives the players something a little different and aslong as the two "sticks" agree on a way forward then it can only be good for the band.

    (just wish we could afford Dickie Evans or someone of that quality!!!)
  8. Dave Payn

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    Good point Ron but I think so long as you remember those facts, sometimes I think it's nice to get a different perspective from another MD (not the band's deputy MD or anything, but a guest conductor from another band) to show the band that there's 'more than one way to skin a cat'. In Fulham's preparation for the areas earlier this year, Paul McLaughlin acquired the services of Roger Burke from Sandhurst Silver, a band who've had a number of contest successes and general high placings over the last few years. Sandhurst are also lower section, but the experience Roger brought from conducting what was (and is) a successful lower section band was probably AT LEAST as valuable as getting in a 'big name', simply because I feel that someone experienced and with a good ear like Roger, involved regularly in directing lower section bands, is perhaps more used to the regular 'hands on' dealing with the inevitable mistakes, tuning problems, etc.that prevail at that level of banding and can relate to and deal with those problems as well as a 'top man (or woman)' (no disrespect to the 'best in the business' of course).

    Roger's own musical background and his experience in directing a successful band was evident from the off at that rehearsal. As of course is Paul McLaughlin's, but to get a 'new approach' wakes the band up and makes them think. If I ever get to conduct a brass band in Scotland for a contest, I'll be looking for a guest conductor to take some rehearsals and be present at them to pick up things I'll inevitably miss in my own practices.