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  1. Hi, im at my incedable dull job, back after 2weeks on the sick after my knee operation. and i have heard a rumour that from june by law we are only allowed to work 37.5hrs a week. How true is this??? cause at the moment i work 47.5 hrs a week
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    Im sure there is a working time regulations disclaimer the company can ask you to sign which means you can work above the recommended number of hours as required by your employer within the terms of your contract. If your hours are reduced by 10hrs p/week im pretty sure a salary adjustment would be introduced too.
  3. a decrease in wage we are all on low wages as it is. an im a manager
  4. Steve

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    Its something you would need to ask your employers, I know nothing of a reduction in the limit of working hour regulations (currently 48hours per week unless disclaimer is signed) but its not the sort of thing I listen out for so could well be wrong as normal.

    HERE is the DTI's current regulations
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    Having just transferred our employment from one company to another, we've just had to sign fresh exemption forms to enable us to work more than the statutory number of hours. If I remember correctly, there was one option to cover the occasional week, and a different one if, as in our case, you regularly work more hours. Whilst it would be nice to have more free time, as has already been said it is most unlikely that wages would be increased to make up the difference, and as someone currently on a 60-hour week, there would be quite a gap to bridge!
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    I'm not too fussy about how many hours they make me work as long as I get a fair (even if its unpaid) break. I worked over 12 hours yesterday- I started at 10am... it was 8.15 before I got a break, and then I got barely 15 minutes, and I didn't finish til past 10.30pm. Admittedly, this isn't too regular an occurence, but its still plain wrong!
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    I like my working hours. Admittedly, I realise for some that being forced to work long and extra hours is no fun. But for me, working on a flexi system, it means I can work over on my normal working hours, but then claim the time back. So for eg, I could work 50 hours one week, but then only 20 the following! Having this flexibility is great. However, for a lot of occupations, working a flexi system would not be suitable.
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    It all depends on your individual contracts. Some places would pay overtime at a different rate depending on the times or amount of overtime being done. I have a contract that says something like 37.5 hours a week being flexible to the needs of the business. I can't remember the last time I actually worked just my contracted hours. Especially on Project go - live weekends. Ohh that was fun!!!

    I managed to work about a 55 hour week before the regionals with 5 rehearsals out of 6 evenings too. Doesn't sound too bad until you realise that it's nearly 60 miles each way to band and 40 miles to work, in opposite directions. Now that was a long week!!!
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    Intruiging, what is it that you do?
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    Don't think it is legal either, although I could be wrong on that!

    I used have a job while at Uni where I started at 9am, had 30 mins lunch, a 15 minute break in the afternoon, finishing at 7.30pm. That was a killer, because it was hard labour too, not just pushing buttons on a keyboard like I do now!

    In my present job, I get an hour for lunch. Don't think I get any other breaks (I don't take them if I do!) but I consider frequent forays onto tMP to be nearly as good!
  11. Charmed

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    Hah, that would be telling. Don't shoot me down, but I work for the Local Authority as an Education Welfare Officer. We work on a flexi basis, and we work 37hrs a week. But some weeks can be busier than others. For example, yesterday I had a meeting at 8am plus home visits and further meetings during the day, but also had 2 meetings in the evening which didn't finish until 8.20pm. The council has recently fetched in what they call a flexi, flexi system. Previously we had to be in work during core hours, 9.15am - 4pm, and could only take up to 1 and a 1/2 days off (flexi)in a 4 week period. Since the new flexi flexi system has come in, technically although not always practically possible, to work a 'day' you have to work a minimum of 4 hrs, and for 1/2 a day 2hrs. So provided my manager agrees, and I have built up enough flexi, and it doesn't disrupt my service to schools too much, I could work 4 hrs a day for a week.
    It can come in handy for emergencies, and as long as you don't abuse the system, our managers are pretty good at allowing you flexi time.
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    Your all a bunch of girly wimps! I've been on jobs when we worked 24 hours a day for 5 days non stop!! I once spent 48 hours hiding in a derelict house waiting to ambush some armed robbers! Immodium is a wonderful thing. ;)
    And one of my sons does 48 hours in 4 days and can often get no breaks during each shift (shifts are either 9 hours or 15 hours).
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    I must admit, in the Royal Navy when we were at sea I was working 100+ hours a week what with watches and maintenence work that had to be carried out. None of the armed forces will be affected by these new hours as they have been opted out. I'd loved to have been on 37 hours back then!
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    Ours is a rather dull, flat 37.5 hour week unless you're one of the site lads or PLC software Engineers, or you get to go to meetings at other companies offices.

    It's tedious, but at least you can plan your home life fairly accurately well in advance.
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    I 'work' about 60 hours a week, not that my main job actually involves doing much work. On top of that though, I have teaching and/or playing most days so I'm lucky if I get home at midnight after leaving the house at 6am!
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    Here are my hours:
    5 ck am-12 midday Monday -Saturday
    but 9/10 Saturdays finished for about 11.30:biggrin:
    We have a brilliant Gaffer who says "Right lets get it done and go home we aint stoping here all day
    They suit me great when finished then off swimming each day at local baths 50 lenghts front crawl thats Monday -Friday a total of 250 each week:clap:
    Well Saturdays is a days rest for me