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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Mr Guinness, Feb 19, 2008.

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    Hi all,

    I've recently been asked to take up a management position in Pune, India. The company is expanding rapidly out there, so opportunities are aplenty.
    The problem is, there’s no specific length of contract. It would certainly be more than two years, probably more like four. Right now, I don’t feel prepared to give up something that is so incredibly important to me – i.e. music; playing live; practice even. I guess it’s all about priorites.

    So, out of interest - how many folk on here have, or do, work abroad for long periods of time? How does this affect your life with regard to playing (brass bands or otherwise)?

    Has anyone here ever worked in or around India? It would be interesting to hear your opinions.

  2. DocFox

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    I get offers all the time to teach in English speaking universities in various places where people are not likely to go. Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc.

    The pay is outstanding. But it would take me away from home and family for long periods. But still, the money (which would be mostly tax-free for us Yankees) is fantastic. Probably 3 to 4 times what I could make at a good job in the US.

    But like you mentioned, no music outlets for the most part. Long periods away from home. This has thus far kept me from doing it. But I am seriously considering it now that I have been unemployed (long story, but mostly due to a prolonged illness) for awhile.

    My wife is a Pastor, so we would be apart and my 16 year old son would see me a few times a year. Is it worth it? I cannot say.

    But the dilemma I have faced also.

    I have heard that in some places you can play as a "guest" in a military band that may be stationed nearby. UK, US or Allies are often willing. But where you go depends on if a band is stationed nearby and if they will allow "guests".

    Not an easy decision for anyone.

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    There are "brass bands" in India, albeit not yer traditional british style. There is a huge tradition of bands playing at weddings and the many Hindu festivals - just try googling "brass bands in india" or something similar. I can't imagine you'll get to do any contesting but you could seriously broaden your musical horizons! So I wouldn't worry too much about the playing aspect; if that's the only thing holding you back, I'd say go for it.

    Mark Twain said: "20 years from now you'll be more disappointed by the things you didnn't do than the things you did"