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    Due to the increasing limited space at Wortley Hall, it has been decided, with deep regret, to up sticks and move the Summer School from there as of next year.

    But the good news is... we've found what looks to be an ideal venue for the 2005 course! Giggleswick School (nr Leeds) with lots more space for extra students than has been the case for a number if years now at Wortley, AND the timing of the course has been moved so as not to coincide with some other courses (no doubt it will clash with something I guess but that's summer and music for you!)

    Next year's course will take place between 30th July and 6th August 2005. No doubt it will include the usual array of courses like:

    Brass Band
    Symphonic Wind Band
    Symphony Orchestra
    Jazz for beginners
    Intermediate jazz
    Big band
    Opera school
    Summer school chorus
    Harmony and theory
    String Ensemble
    Wind Ensemble

    and more....

    plus loads of opportunities to form your own ensembles in your spare time just for the fun of it. We'll be importing our own bar (priorities, you see, priorities....), the dining hall can hold up to 190 bodies (live or otherwise) at a time (bearing in mind the total number of students we could actually fit in this year was 110....) so it's all looking up for the Summer School at long last. If you visit the website you can find out a bit more (the Giggleswick news hasn't been put on there yet, but I am assured it's official!) and various scholarships are available from a number of trade unions. It is, as the slogan describes 'Music Our Holiday'

    IF we get a full brass band next year (and I'm hopeful!) we will be studying all sorts of works from concert to contest pieces. Students often bring stuff from their own band libraries (and often get performed too) which means sometimes my conducting sight reading skills are put to the test! It is hoped that the main work being studied will be at least one of the following, depending on numbers:

    Cloudcatcher Fells (McCabe)
    Resurgam (Ball)
    Connotations (Gregson)
    Tam O'Shanter's Ride (Wright - no link to the area selections.....)
    Comedy Overture (Ireland..... honest, folks. No connection)
    Variations for Brass Band (Vaughan Williams - What do you mean 'Liar'?? ;-))
    An Epic Symphony (Fletcher)

    Here's the link to the website where you can find out more about the history and aims of the WMA.
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