Words fail me on this... Political Correctness of the most stupid order...

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by TheMusicMan, Jul 10, 2008.

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    Absolutely ridiculous.
  3. MattB

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    How utterly ridiculous. Whoever the plank who started all this nonsence is needs stringing up. Nice example to set by that council though. 'You may be his mother, but you may also be a paedophile, and whether he dies or not is less important than having a slip of paper to us'. Classy that, really classy.
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    Is ridiculous if completely true, but would point out a couple of things:

    If the parent turned out to be someone who abused their child (and as the tabloids completely ignore, the vast majority of people who abuse kids are known to them and are often family members, not some predatory unknown lurker), the council or the head of the school would probably be in trouble (in itself ridiculous but probably true).

    This is the Daily Mail which does have a 'thing' about this sort of story, and isn't always known to be the most fair and balanced paper. For instance, the other story it mentions is completely irrelevant, they are two different things, one is a very over zealous and stupid interpretation of rules (by the sounds of it) and the other is a perfectly valid application of the rules with an unforgivable admin cock-up. Different people are at fault in the two cases, a council in one, CRB in the other. Its like saying 'we think murderers don't get long enough sentences, last week a murderer escaped from jail'. Imagine the outcry there would have been if the person applying for the primary school job had been guilty of these things and slipped through the net.

    Completely agree with the last sentence of the report though.
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    Absolutely amazed at this story. However just a thought, what if this taxi used is capable of carrying say 7 passengers and other children picked up?

    It could be that the reason the lady needs to be CRB checked is because of other children in the cab.
  6. Pythagoras

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    Good point and not the sort of thing the Mail would mention if it were true.
  7. geordiecolin

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    It was in the Daily Mail.

    We all know how warped that paper's perception is.

    'nuff said.
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    And another thing, if this is the full story and the council do require all adults travelling in vehicles to be CRB checked, and the council puts this down to the current fear climate and "must be seen to be careful" culture, I would suggest that this culture has been largely fuelled by the media, specifically The Express and The Daily Mail....

    They can't have it both ways!
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    The story is also reported on the BBC website. We all know how warped that broadcaster's perception is.

    This story is almost as bonkers as the other one which appears today, about application forms for the position of air traffic controller at the Isles of Scilly airport being available in Braille.

    If I ever decide to visit the Scillies, I think I'll go by boat.
  10. geordiecolin

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    Well given the BBC's recent decline towards the tabloid (e.g Northern Rock "crisis", fanning of the "recession" flames etc), I'm not surprised.

    Don't get me wrong, I agree that this story sounds daft, but I just get frustrated with the lack of objective questioning of the media in this country. It seems to me that more and more whats in the papers is taken at face value.
  11. mikelyons

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    That's because the general public is now a) thicker than ever before, b) more gullible than ever before, c) more prone to a gossip mentality then ever before and d) less well-read than ever before.

    I have little respect for the younger generation of the 'great unwashed' because I increasingly see them deserving their epithet.

    I don't think the story sounds daft at all. It sounds all too likely as the result of 'New Labour' policies which require government departments to hire 'jobsworths' with neither intelligence nor any understanding of the world to do important tasks in our society. They just slavishly follow the rules with no thought to the reality of a situation.
  12. Just to make things more ridiculous - I recently had a school trip with and when I asked for a list of CRB checked parents for helpers, I was told the school didn't have one and don't do CRB or 99 checks done on parent helpers and just keep everyone together!!
  13. andyp

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    Yup, and that's what happens when you employ and promote people based on "competencies" (which ISN'T EVEN A WORD!!!) instead of ability and common sense.
  14. Cally

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    Thats so stupid!
  15. mikelyons

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    It wouldn't be so bad if the people who were promoted were actually competent to do the job, rather than just having ticked boxes on a 'tick-list'. There are a number of those in high positions in my school.
  16. Pythagoras

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    Mine too, and most others from what I've heard
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    Here's another example of PC madness. My daughter is doing her Duke of Edinburgh gold expedition in a couple of weeks time. She has to sleep in a tent on her own as she has just turned 18 and is now deemed an adult. Aparently the 17 year old girls she shared a tent with only a couple of months ago are now in mortal danger now my daughter has had another birthday - this despite my daughter already having a CRB check to work with the local brownies and another recent CRB check to work with the public when she starts her dentistry course in September.
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    Just confirms that this world has gone crazy
  19. mikelyons

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    The older members might like this one:

    My school and Wigan are involved in a project to forge links with Chinamex, a company that is wholly owned and operated by the Chinese Government. They are trying to get a factory complex built on SSSI land near Wigan town centre. Given China's reputation on human rights and so on, I nicknamed (in total irony) this project Chinagate - those of you old enough will remember Watergate - those not will be able to look it up on the net!

    Well buqqer me if the silly beggars don't go and name it just that! :roll: Does this tell you anything about the Wigan psyche? It's no coincidence that both George Orwell and Andy BUrnham came from here.
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    I had a similar sort of thing. I did my Gold DofE at the age of 24, after completing the Basic Expedition Leader Award. I had a CRB check already as I am a teacher, but the youth worker phoned the parents to make sure it was 'ok' for me to be sharing a tent with two other girls of 17/18. Hmmm - apparently those 6 years make all the difference!!!

    I think the CRB check is a very good idea for adults working with young people and vulnerable adults., but the system for getting one processed is an absolute nightmare. It take around 8 weeks at the moment in my area and, of course, its only as good as your last check! I suppose the problem is at the moment it leaves no space for good old common sense.