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  1. Hi, WCB have vacancies for percussion and basses at the moment. We can also make room for any new players if required ! Everyone is welcome.

    The band aims to develop everyone's playing, regardless of standard, while having fun and playing challenging music. We have a full events diary for next year already including an exchange trip away.

    Please see the first post for contact details or see our website.

    Happy Christmas brass players !
  2. Hello, just a reminder for January that we are a friendly, non-contesting band based in Worcester who welcomes new players. We meet on a Tuesday night and particularly need a percussionist at the moment although we can make room for most players ! Thanks for reading.
  3. Updating for February - we are a full band at the moment but we do have vacancies for BASSES and PERCUSSIONISTS at the moment plus we can always make room for new members ! We have a full events diary for this year including a trip away. Please see our website for details - or for contact details see the first post. ***Happy Playing!*****
  4. March update - we are still in particular need of basses and percussion ! Please check out the first post for details. We also welcome all new players. Thanks for reading!
  5. April update - WCB offers a non-competing and supportive atmosphere ideal for players wishing to improve their confidence and technique. We have a full and varied events diary for the summer and beyond and have recently played a fundraising concert for the Mayor's charities in the Guildhall, Worcester which is a superb venue. We are currently a pretty full band but do need percussion and basses and can find room for new players also. Happy Easter fellow brass players !
  6. May Update - WCB would still very much like to recruit a kit player/percussionist - we are more than happy with someone just starting out or returning to playing but would be helpful if they can read music ! We also welcome all brass players. We have a full and varied programme for the rest of the year and going on to 2018.
  7. June Update - we are still in need of basses and precision - especially kit. Thank you for reading!
  8. July Update - we are very much looking forward to the rest of the summer gig season and beyond ! We are a community band focussed on improving our playing and enjoying music. We welcome all new players. Please do get in touch - see our website for details!
  9. Bumping for August. Ha ! just noticed I have put 'precision' instead of 'percussion' two posts up - SOME precision always nice too of course! We welcome all players and are still in need of percussion and basses. You don't have to be an amazing player we are happy to bring new or returning players on. We have concerts planned for Autumn and Christmas and a band trip away for next year in the pipeline. Please see first post for contact details or see our website. Thanks for looking!
  10. Top marks for your continued efforts to find new members. If only you were 160 miles nearer to me.....I'd love to play my BBb bass with you.
  11. Many Thanks ! Would love to have you - sure you don't have a helicopter handy ? ;-)

    Its WCBs 35th Anniversary this week and we are celebrating with a huge reunion concert and get-together. Anyone who has played with us is very welcome to join - we have a limited number of instruments to borrow if needed. The event is this Saturday, 16th Sept at Nunnery Wood High School in Worcester. See our website for details !

    We would of course love to hear from any new players interested in a supportive non-competing community band with a busy gig list for this year and next !

    Happy Anniversary WCB !!!!!!!
  12. Bumping for October. We welcome all new players, we are a thriving band but can always find a seat for someone if necessary. Give us a try ! We are particularly looking for bass and percussion players at the moment. Inexperience not a problem, we can bring you on if you are keen!

    We practise at Nunnery Wood High School in Worcester on Tuesdays 7:15-9:30 pm.

    See our website for more details and to contact us. Thanks for looking :)
  13. Merry Christmas fellow Brass Players ! We at Worcester Concert Brass are looking forward to a full programme of gigs for next year - some park jobs and some private functions plus a band weekend away with our friends Test Valley Brass.

    We welcome inexperienced or returning players or simply players who want a supportive non-contesting band to play with ! Specific vacancies for Bb bass and percussion but we can accommodate most people. Players are most welcome to come and give us a try!

    Please see our website and have a great Christmas and New Year !
  14. Happy New Year to our fellow banners ! Hope its a great year of playing for everyone.

    Please see our website for contact details. We welcome all new players.
  15. March update - we still require basses and percussion !

    Also - due to people moving on/university coming up we require one or more FRONT ROW CORNETS !!!!

    Good level of ability and commitment needed, opportunities will arise for solos/development and leadership if you want them !

    Please see the band website for contact details. We have a full summer schedule and look forward to hearing from new players !

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