Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by cornetgirl, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. cornetgirl

    cornetgirl Active Member

    CG is back!!!!

    I now feel 100% better and I have a shiny new job where I can go on the computer whenever I want - and tMP happily!

    So thanks for all your support - it's been a horrible 4 months but it looks like I don't need surgery on my neck.

    See you all at Sheds in Concert (who needs brass when you have the mad Hepoil sheds!!!) hopefully!

    Rach x
  2. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Woohoo, YAY! Welcome Back Rach!!

    (We looked after Ian for you on Weds...hope he made it home ok?? see you Sunday!! ;) )
  3. Keppler

    Keppler Moderator Staff Member

    Glad to hear it Rach.

    Welcome back yey.
  4. super_sop

    super_sop Supporting Member

    Welcome Back Rach. good to hear your better
  5. The Cornet King

    The Cornet King Active Member

    :clap: Welcome back, now your fit again i absolutely INSIST that we have that round of golf that i know you were so looking forward to once you were better again, i know how enthusiastic you are about the sport. :biggrin:

    Glad your better and have the new job.
  6. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Hey Rach - glad you're back.... resident tMP Dentist on board...:)

    Hey Chris, If ever you're down my way I know a certain young man who'd love to have a game of golf with you. My lad is well into his golf... and I mean seriously into it - like every day!!!.

    Played on the one of the Celtic Manor Resort courses a few weeks back - which you can see from my house (home of 2010 Ryder Cup), and was superb. He pulverised me, went around in something like 80'ish and I topped well over the ton - he's only been playing since earlier this yeat too!!!!!:eek:
  7. The Cornet King

    The Cornet King Active Member

    Cool, its a fantastic hobby to have, can't think of anything that beats a round of golf!
    Does he have a handicap?? I'm playing off 6 at the moment and its annoying cause i know i can play to 3 or 4 easily. If i'm ever down that way i'll pop by and enjoy a round. :biggrin:
    Perhaps before Whit Friday next yr we can arrange a tMP social golf day! :p

    EDIT- Just read the last bit of your post...only been playing this year and he goes round in 80ish? Blimey tell him to keep it up and he sounds like he could be a damn good player!

    Oh and anytime you want to play for a fiver (or a few hundred £s) i'll be happy to take some money off you John! ;)
  8. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Yeah he's doing really well Chris. He hasn't got a handicap yet though...

    The course we played on is the academy course. It is a short course with a par of around 64 I think... and lot's a par 3's, but he still did excellently. I am about to go get him and Heather from school and will ask him to post here once he is home.

    As for that £5'er Chris, I'd love a game with you but I'll give that bet a miss as my handicap is standing too close to the ball....

    .... after I have hit it!!!! :)
  9. cornetgirl

    cornetgirl Active Member


    Rach x
  10. Big Twigge

    Big Twigge Active Member

    Always lovely to see you around these parts my wonderful Rachel! Glad you're back! xx
  11. cornetgirl

    cornetgirl Active Member

    Yay!!! More randomness!!! Boing!

    (think I'm a bit too much better...)

    Rach x
  12. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    Nice one Rachel!! Glad to see you're back! And thanks for the texts!! :)
  13. stephen2001

    stephen2001 Member

    I'll be up for the 19th hole!! :)

    EDIT: Just remembered what the thread's about! :p Welcome back Rach!! :)
  14. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    You started it... :):)
  15. Ruthless

    Ruthless Member

    ...and I made the mistake of telling her the other night, on the phone, we had not seen much of her round these parts recently!!

    As I said last night, dear... really good to see you so well and so happy again...long may it last...:clap: :clap: :clap:

  16. cornetgirl

    cornetgirl Active Member

    It will last!!! I have a job where I laze about on the sofa all day reading magazines!!!!! Well, I did see some patients yesterday (and got bitten!)...:biggrin:

    And as for randomness - Ruthie how random did last night turn out to be????

    Rach x
  17. Ruthless

    Ruthless Member

    Hypothetical brass here we come!!!

    We have talked about this quintet for too long - we now have a job and only three players, we know a couple others we can con (I mean talk) into joining though.