Woodwind and Brass

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Immense_Mark, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Immense_Mark

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    Hey everyone

    Im a grade 8 sop player, but also plays the saxophone. Ive been playing the saxophone for 3 years and am doing my grade 8 in easter. Recently ive experienced some problems with my sop playing, in that, i cant play as well as i can. I have been thinking that my playing declining slightly is because of my woodwind playing, but ive never been sure.

    Has anyone else here had the problem of embechoure ( i know its a sp. ) with woodwind and brass? If so any advice?


    TIMBONE Active Member

    An interesting one, and not something I can give expert advice on. Having said that, the embouchure is not just the lips, but also surrounding muscles including cheek and jaw. I suppose there is a possibility that the playing of one wind instrument can interfere with the playing of another. There again, Glynn Williams can perform successfully from sop to Bb Bass.

  3. Immense_Mark

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    Yea but he has that so called "perfect embechoure", lucky sod
  4. Crazysop

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    I used to play trumpet and Euph at uni, found it dead hard to adjust my embochure for each 1. so I packed in the euph (i wasn't dead good on it anyway) I also used to play a bass crumhorn! which uses the embochure in a totally differet way to that for the trumpet, also this was a night mare, really interfered with my playing. However this is just my own personal experience and I really am no expert on saxophones at all!!!
    Good luck with it all anyway!!
  5. PeterBale

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    I know a lot of people who've successfully combined brass and woodwind, although most have generally been on the larger brass instruments rather than soprano cornet. There are certainly a number of clarinet and saxophone players in the SA who play bass in their corps bands ;)
  6. Naomi McFadyen

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    Playing both brass and woodwind myself, I can safely advise that the more you swap, the more you get used to changing the embourcher (not sure of spelling on that myself! :lol: )
    Everyday practise... swap constantly... you'll get the hang of it ;-)
    I've heard some people "claim" that it's impossible or that it will ruin your playing etc, but that's a load of rubbish... I know people who went through the Marines swapping between clarinet, flute, sax and trumpet with no problems whatsoever.

    Anyhoo, good luck for ya grade 8 sax :)
  7. caramelbunny

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    Lots of my friends in school played woodwind and brass inc. myself. I took my grade 8's on sax and tuba within a month of each other during A-levels so I figure it must be possible :) ...although agree with Peter that the majority of us doing so played a larger brass instrument, no sop players.
    Good luck for the exam :)
  8. Immense_Mark

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    I do believe it is possible, but i think that the fact that i play sop, which is a very small mouthpiece, could be one of the problems. As you said, you did grade 8 sax and then tuba, but i think that when i play my sax it weakens my embechoure or something, making me unable to play on such a small mouthpiece.