Woodfalls premier new major Wilby work this Sunday

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    The Woodfalls Band is delighted to be part of Prof. Philip Wilby's "Passion for our Time" which will be performed at Bristol Cathedral on Sunday 5th April at 3:30p.m. Admission is free of charge!

    In 1993, Philip was commissioned by the City of Liverpool to write a piece of music to commemorate the life of James Bulger, the little lad that was abducted and so brutally killed by two young boys. The piece that Philip came up with was "A Passion for our Time" which he wrote for wind band and choir. It was subsequently performed in Liverpool Cathedral and has now become a popular piece of music that is performed regularly around the world.

    It has long been an ambition of Philip’s to arrange this piece for brass band, which he has now done, and it is to our great pride that Philip has invited our band to give his ‘Passion’ its world brass band premier at Bristol Cathedral. The piece is of enormous proportions lasting over 50 minutes.

    Admission is free so there is expected to be a large demand for seats, therefore, early arrival is recommended for the 3:30pm start.
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    Hope the performance goes well - I've known this from the wind band recording for some time, and hopefully the brass version will expose it to a wider audience. I find it a very moving work, and Philip writes as beautifully for the voice as he does for various wind instruments.
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    Good luck to the band with this. You should be roundly congratulated.

    I am only sorry that i will not be able to attend.

    I was just reading a post in another thread, where the contributor stated that "in the wider musical world Brass bands are a joke" I hope that person is able to come to your performance, so he can appreciate what a stupid narrow minded comment he made.

    Please post a report of how it went
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    Thanks Peter and Yoda. It is an amazing piece and we all feel extraordinary lucky to be involved with the project. Really excited about the weekend now!
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    On Palm Sunday the Woodfalls Band helped premiere a major brass work from the pen of Philip Wilby.

    A Passion For Our Times was originally commissioned by the City of Liverpool in 1993 to commemorate the life of James Bulger, the little lad that was abducted and so brutally killed by two young boys. The music was first written for wind band and choir but it's been Philip's ambition to arrange this piece for brass band and choir. So Woodfalls Band was very proud and honoured to be asked to help premiere this new version of such a powerful piece.

    The performance of this new version took place in the amazing setting of Bristol Cathedral and also involved the Great Choir of the Cathedral, Paul Walton on organ, narration from Neil Baker, actors from trinity College, Bristol and Phillip Wilby's wife Canon Wendy Wilby.

    There are three acts to the Passion separated by two highly virtuoso organ solos, and the music moves from a brutal start, to a sorrowful middle and a beautifully serene ending as it tells the story of Jesus' trial, crucifixion, and resurrection.

    Band, choir and narrator are skilfully interwoven for the first two acts whilst the peaceful finale follows the more traditional format of a choral mass. The huge work also highlighted the band's soloists with cornets, flugel, solo horn, trombones and soprano asked to act parts of the drama. The performance conducted by Mark Lee went extremely well with Professor Wilby declaring himself bowled over by the results.

    Woodfalls Band would like to take this opportunity to thank Phillip Wilby for his stunning music and for our chance to play at such a prestigious event. A Passion for our Times deserves many more performances and we hope that the band movement takes note of this hugely important work for our medium.

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