Woodbridge and Regent Join Forces

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    Woodbridge Excelsior Band (L&SC 3rd section) are fortunate to be able to fill concert venues in Woodbridge to capacity four times a year with our free concerts. This year we are presenting a fifth free concert, this time with a unique difference: two bands with the same Musical Director at the baton!

    Since taking on Woodbridge Excelsior, Alan Duguid (cornetcheese of this parish) has also been appointed MD of Regent Brass (L&SC 1st section) and Regent will be travelling to Suffolk on March 2nd to join forces with Woodbridge Excelsior for a joint concert.

    Both bands will present a programme of five pieces which will include their Area test pieces, and then will join together for a massed finale.

    As part of the collaboration several members of Regent Brass recently travelled to Suffolk to help run an Area Workshop for Woodbridge Excelsior and their friendliness, experience and advice contributed to a very successful workshop.

    Woodbridge Excelsior are looking forward to a successful concert with Regent Brass and hope that this can form the basis of a regular Area preparation for both bands.


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    Many thanks to the members of Regent Brass, who made the long trek
    up to darkest Suffolk yesterday to put on a joint concert with Woodbridge
    Excelsior. In these days of dwindling brass audiences it was good to see the
    hall filled almost to capacity with a very appeciative audience. We did inflict
    our test pieces on them but they were amply rewarded with a wide range
    of other pieces including a massed finale of "Tocatta in D-Minor" which fair
    made the windows rattle...

    It sounds corny in the retelling, but there were audible gasps from the audience
    when the second massed piece "William Tell" was announced - I can't work
    out whether this was in trepidation or not!

    The Excelsior players really enjoyed the collaboration and hope we can
    repeat the exercise next year as part of our Area preparations.