WoE 2014 Predictions

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    I'm No Paddy Flower, but in his absence I thought I would give my qualifiers for the WoE sections. (No odds offered).Championships - (Flowers/Woodfalls)First - (Filton/Brunel)Second - (Drybrook/Forest of Dean)Third - (Andover Town/New Forest)Fourth - (Camborne Junior/Corsham/Weymouth)'Not so' Dark Horses for each section - Aldborne/Helston/Bodmin/Misommer Norton & Radstock/TivertonGo for it
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    What about Aldbourne in the championship section, they are on form, there's St Austell with Steve Sykes at the helm and this new band Roche in the 1st Section, Poole and St Keverne in the 2nd Section, Bratton and Bath in the 3rd Section and finally In the 4th Section, Gosport and Lydney.

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    Aldbourne are serious contenders I agree.
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    Chalford could be worth a shout out as dark horses in the 1st section...

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    Agreed. Steve Tubb has pedigree.
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    And a good, consistent band :)
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    Good to see someone trying to take up where Paddy left off,it's going to be a busy weekend at Torquay for sure,the Championship section is looking like it's going to be a fantastic section to listen to
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