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    We are a small music composing, arranging and publishing house based in the Milton Keynes area currently specialising in Brass Band and Brass Ensemble music.

    Our catalogue contains some well-known, some not so well-known and some original pieces; so please do have a look. We may just have the piece for which you are looking.

    From the outset, our arrangements are formulated to take account of the requirements of those involved: the Conductor, the Players and the Audience.

    The Conductor is provided with a Score that opens flat, has two pages to view before any turnover is required, and has any conflicts between notes and other notations assiduously removed to provide maximum clarity.

    For the Players, their printed parts are the essential instructions to play a piece. Clarity of printing and layout, choice of fonts, and even choice of paper colour to reduce glare all contribute to ease of reading to make playing easier.

    The Audience is the end consumer and impact here is important. This may be in the feature or interplay of instruments, a catchy or familiar melody, or in the dramatic style of a short piece that is a good 'wake-up' opener to your concert.

    When you order from us, we endeavour to print and despatch the same or next day by first class post, with Score and Parts in a protective clear plastic wallet enclosed in a bubble wrap envelope for maximum protection. Additionally, if your band is large and you need up to 6 extra parts, then tell us when you order and they will come with our compliments at no extra cost.