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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by DocFox, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. DocFox

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    Have they finally given up. The last update was December of 2006 -- over a year ago.

    A near impossible task, but it was nice to know someone was trying. I would say we start a poll here, but with less than 50 votes for website of the month I doubt it would draw much interest.

  2. WorldofBrass.com

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    Can anyone shed any light on what this thread is talking about?

    I get all territorial and protective when I see the initials W O B!
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    Poll for what exactly?! This is the 4br/WOB rankings system, obviously the guys have quite alot on their hands and havnt had a chance to update it, no big deal really, just look at 4br if it bothers you that much. personally I dont take much interest in the rankings system really.
  6. DocFox

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    Thanks for the other link. It didn't really "bother" me. It is a help when running a radio station to know where a band kind of stands so you do not buy a bad CD.

    I had not poked around 4barsrest to notice it there. So thanks.
  7. DocFox

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    World of Brass you mentioned you get all territorial (as you should) when someone mentions your site. But I have a question. Why have a link on the front page to rankings of bands that are well over a year old? Some of the bands such as "Sellers" is long gone.

    I do not know if you have a coop between 4barsRest or not (it seems so) -- therefore it would be easy to update. Or simply take down.

    I know it must be hard with CDs coming and going to keep such a massive website up-to-date (I have a similar problem). But this one seems obvious and easy to fix.

  8. Simon Preshom

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    I have been sat for five minutes thinking of a nice way to say this, but I can't........get a life man!
  9. DocFox

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    WOW. You know, people point out mistakes in my websites all the time. I am thankful. Sometimes a webmaster overlooks things -- sometimes they have been their for a year or more and forgotten.

    I usually thank them, fix the problem, and go on. But I certainly never say to anyone trying to give me a second pair of "eyes" to get a life.

    If that is all you had to say, perhaps you should have saved the bandwidth.

    As they said in TRON the movie by Disney -- EOL.
  10. WorldofBrass.com

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    Thank you, the page is now showing the latest rankings, as published in British Bandsman issue dated 7th June 2008.