Withington heads to Fodens

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Bass Man, Mar 26, 2011.

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    A good move for Allan. He's a great conductor and a fine gentleman. I am sure the Fodens relationship will be a fruitful one. I wish him well.

    I do hope that Grimethorpe are able to secure the services of a good professional conductor. They've had a few changes recently so a new conductor may well be the fresh boost they need.
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    Not a big surprise to me. he had made another natural move.British open will be very interesting this year as three band have equals chance to take the title (Dyke, Brighouse and Fodens) with Cory as dark horses. I can't see any other band coming in the top three.

    As for Grimethorpe, my bet will be for a return of Gary Cutt taking them full time.

    2011 should be exciting again !!!
  4. Tom Kuiling

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    Cory as dark horses ? Without a doubt they are still the band to beat. They always perform at such a high level. Beatable yes, but by god youve got to play out of your skin to do it.

    In spite of what ive just however i will contradict myself and say Dyke for the English Nationals, Brighouse for the Open, and Fodens for the Nationals.
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    Great signing for foden. That's now 2 bands who have not had the best results over the years now with the 2 best conductors in banding at the helm. Move over Cory and Dyke, B and R and Foden have just upped the anti. How will my beloved Dyke respond to that gauntlet. They need to move quick. It seems the big bands are all positioning themselves with the best conductors, dyke may get left behind. I wonder what Bramwel Tovey is upto? it would be nice to hear dyke with him. If nothing else just to hear QUALITY comparing that is eloquent, knowledgeable and very funny! Now HE is the real deal.
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    Now that's a shout!
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    Not the best results? Fodens have won the areas, the open, 2nd at nationals, the masters and many whit fridays in the last few years. It's only a year since they were ranked number 1 in the rankings!!

    I am absolutely delighted that Fodens have Allan Withington, I hope he brings them the success he has had at EVERY of his other bands. As for Bramwell Tovey, I'm pretty sure he'll continue his status quo with Fodens and NYB.

    Dave Morton ex Fodens now male WAG!
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    Bram Tovey will continue to be involved with Fodens (his work permitting, which has been the case over the past 10 years) and we will shorlty be announcing some further exciting plans regarding Bram and Fodens.
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    Certainly looks like more exciting times ahead for all at Fodens. :)
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    Agreed. This man seems brilliant - even Brighouse were good when he took them. I can see Fodens, Dyke, & Cory cleaning up this year.
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    Has there become a shortage of top conductors in the brass band movement?
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    I don't think Halliwell, Rimmer or Mortimer could make it ;)
  14. Spot on, I choked on my french toast when I saw this.... Grimey will be right at top again I reckon!
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    Thank you Peter! :)

    IMO, I was wondering if there was a shortage of top conductors?
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    I think there is a perception that certain conductors have the knack of producing the sort of performances that win contests, but it is definitely not an exact science - look at the times Gary Cutt was working with Grimethorpe very successfully but was not selected to take them at the majors.

    In fact, it would appear that the idea of "one band/one conductor" is a relatively recent phenomenon, and that in those instances from the past where a conductor was particularly associated with a band, they were also invited to conduct elsewhere in the search for prizes/prestige.
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    I do concur :clap:. I was just indulging in a small piece of crumpet when I read this. It really is great news. It would be great to see Grimey come back from London with the Finals trophy :clap:.
  18. Tom Kuiling

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    Me thinks you mean Birmingham. Miracle if they come back with anything from London other than maybe a souvenir programme:).

    Nevertheless the one he won with Fodens in 04 was done in similar circumstances so who knows
  19. JR

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    Not quite as recent?

    I know what you mean but I can't agree that it's a recent development - what about Stanley Boddington with GUS (Munn and Felton's) who was there 30 years, Trevor Walmsley at Yorkshire Imps (Copperworks) from the mid 60s to late 70s and of course, George Thompson at Grimethorpe.

    None of the above needed to conduct eleswhere in search of prizes

    John R
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    I take your point, but then Stanley Boddington is also listed as regularly taking Morris Motors as well as GUS in the 50s & early 60s, as well as occasional outings with such as Rushden Temperance and Ransomes.