Wisdom of a five year old!

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    Our eldest, having started school this time, is learning the recorder. Tonight Mummy was leading her through her recorder practice - a piece composed entirely of middle "B"s, quavers and crotchets. After Mummy had sung the rhythm to her, she said:

    "Mummy, that's not how it goes. Better go and get Daddy, he knows how to read the music!"

    Daddy ("B" GCSE music and theory Grade 1, but can play a bit) in bits on the floor.

    Mummy ("A" GCSE music, HND in brass band studies, has taught loads of people to play, conducted and trained junior and senior bands, etc, etc) - NOT impressed!!
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  2. Di

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    Aww bless, don't you just love em eh?


    Was mummy right? ;):tongue:
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    Love it! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
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    After talking to my Year 7 class about 1 beat notes, 2 beat notes and 4 beat notes I asked them to write out 4 bar rhythm.

    I heard the LSA ask a kid 'how many crotchets have you got in that bar?'

    to which small child replied:

    'What the 'ells a crotchet?!'
  5. glitzy

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    Me to lovely class of year 8's....What follows G in the scale...?

    Cherubic Pupil:...H Miss?
  6. beccawheeze2

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    Following our result of 13th at Harrogate, one of our junior members said to his dad, in a bid to cheer him up, "There were seven bands rubbisher than you!"
    Anyone know how to translate that into Latin, we fancy having it as our band motto?
  7. Lucky you!

    I hate recorders but I know someone who's got a grade 8 in them and will slap me if I call them 'rubbish'!
  8. BassBlaster

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    Illic erant septem manus manus purgamentum quam vos.
    There you are a direct translation, honest.
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    I'm going to stick up for recorders here because I think the recorder conjures up an unfairly negative stereotype with many people. Hating recorders on principle is a bit like expecting all brass players to race whippets, wear flat caps and work down t'pit. The recorder's unfairly got a reputation as a nasty squeaky instrument, or worse, as not even an instrument at all. It gets used in the classroom because it's cheap, portable and doesn't take much puff to get a sound. But it is a real instrument - and there's stacks of decent recorder music, and if ever you get the opportunity to hear Piers Adams, jump at the chance because his playing is absolutely world class. Lay those musical stereotypes down!
  10. brasscrest

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    :tup Brian T

    I used to have an employee who played in a recorder ensemble (6 to 8 parts), and the sound is beautiful given experienced players and proper instruments. I'm especially partial to the alto and tenor versions.

    The things they use over here in the schools aren't really recorders in any proper sense, they've just been labeled as such.
  11. Wisdom from kids... My 4 yr old has started on percussion in the training band with my support in rehearsals. When we started Puff the magic dragon, he asked if he could sing. I reminded him he to play the bass drum and watch the MD instead.
    Luke proceeded to sing and play without watching the MD and only going out of time a couple of times! Smart ****!
  12. DaveR

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    That was sounding quite promising until you said he only went out of time a couple of times! I'm afraid he'll never be drummer if he can keep a steady beat. Although maybe there's still hope if he doesn't watch the conductor! :tongue: :rolleyes:
  13. Yeah

    I knew an ametaur drummer who used o be a clarinet player, kept a beat better than a semi-professional kit player. Must be a drumming disease or something!
  14. Laserbeam bass

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    Well said, I have Grade 8 recorder, and it has helped me to be the greatest transposer from Bb to Eb ever in the whole of my band, and possibly the surrounding twenty miles.

    On the matter of 5 year olds thank heavens I don't have one.
  15. Cornet Nev.

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    Regarding the recorder, and other musical instruments with a poor reputation, for instance the bag pipes. all of them have their place in the world.
    Just that some haven't been dug yet.