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  1. I'm posting this in the hope that anybody from wingates can contact me in regard to their flugal player.As we left glasgow somebody came up to me and gave said players gig bag to me.Would be grateful if anybody could get in touch either pm me or ring me on 07966096219.
    nick harris
    carlton main frickley colliery band.
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    Hi Nick,

    I will pass the message on at rehearsal tonight as she goes out with one of our players.


  3. thanks rachel also spoke to graham from wingates who is aware.
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    Sians no longer playing at Wingates, flugel player who played with Wingates was Laura Hobbins as far as i'm aware!
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    oooooooo right shows how much I know :biggrin:
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    Thanks for clearing that one up for me Lauren. Afraid I was not at Glasgow. I was thoroughly enjoying a weekend off band (BIC was a hectic week) and settling into the brand spanking new house.

    See you soon