Wingates Band perform with Michael Nyman

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    An unprecedented opportunity to hear Michael Nyman and his favorite performers, including Sarah Leonard, Marie Angel, Hilary Summers, Franceso D’Orazio, the Michael Nyman Band and Wingates Brass Band. A fascinating range of Nyman’s music from 1977 to 2008 will be presented, including several premiers, two major song cycles (‘Six Celan Songs’ and ‘I Sonetti Lussuriosi’), silent films with live accompaniment (‘Man with a Movie Camera’ and ‘A Propos de Nice’), football-related memorial works (‘Memorial’ and ‘For Kiyan Prince’), a new Violin Concerto, Greenaway classics, and pieces from the latest MN Records releases.

    Nyman will also present for the first time a selection of his video and photographic works, on display in the entrance to the concert hall. Available for purchase will also be his new photo-book Sublime, his 1974 classic text Experimental Music – Cage and Beyond, sheet-music including a new collection of songs for soprano and piano, and the full MN records CD collection.

    June 6 1800
    Nyman String Quartet with Sarah Leonard, programme includes The Ballad of Kastriot Rexhepi

    June 6 2030
    Michael Nyman Band with Marie Angel and Sarah Leonard, music from the Draughtsman's Contract, Prospero's Books, The Cook the Thief the His Wife and her Lover, and 8 Lust Songs; I Sonetti Lussuriosi

    June 7 1700*
    Wingates Band play Nyman music from The Libertine, The Ogre and In Re Don Giovanni and the first concert performance of the commission for the National Pensions Convention

    June 7 1930
    Michael Nyman Band with violin soloist Francesco D'Orazio play Violin Concerto 2A and Man with a Movie Camera

    June 8 1400
    Michael Nyman plays solo-piano including Wonderland, The Piano and A Propos de Nice

    June 8 1930
    Michael Nyman Band with Hilary Summers, Six Celan Songs and music from The Mozart 252 CD, including Drowning by Numbers and Letters, Riddles and Writs

    More info
    For more programme information see or

    Tickets available from Cadogan Hall:
    020 7730 4500
    Cadogan Hall, 5 Sloane Terrace, London, SW1X 9DQ

    Concerts after 18.00: £35/£25/£15/£10
    Concerts before 18.00: £25/ £20/£15/£10

    *During the Wingates Band concert, Young Musician of the Year Peter Moore shall perform a new work by Michael Nyman written especially for him, accompanied by Nyman himself.
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    I'm looking forward to the Wingates concert, and hope they get a decent audience. It's a great chance to show what bands are capable of, much as with Grimethorpe's contribution to the Malcolm Arnold festival a few years ago. It is always interesting to see the reactions of non-banding musicians when hearing top-class band playing, possibly for the first time.
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    Great show by Wingates and John Doyle - good to meet him face to face at last. Michael Nyman had arranged a melody called "If" from his music for "The Diary of Ann Frank" for Peter Moore to play, with the composer himself at the piano, and it went down really well.

    Audience rather disappointing, but the concert was recorded by the BBC so it should get an airing eventually.
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    And I was there to photograph the rehearsals and produce a band portrait... thanks to Wingates for the invitation.
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    Didn't realise that was you John, eye contact.......
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    Hehe - Including the great up close and personal shots - eh John! :D

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