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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by mjwarman, May 26, 2007.

  1. mjwarman

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    After 3 weeks of a constantly crashing, very very slow computer, I have finally taken my free upgrade of Vista home premium off of my computer and reverted back to XP media centre.

    Has anyone got any success stories with Vista or is it still far too early in its life for it to be working properly?
  2. AndyCat

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    It's a resource hog. And it's rather telling that we've been told that XP will be supported til 2014!
  3. johnmartin

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    Same story as you except I had it running on quite a powerful machine. Still found it a bit too security paranoid for my liking. I like the security to be there but not to require too much interaction from the user. It also didn't run some of the development software that I use, including apache 1.3.29 and 2.0.24.

    Took it off and back to XP on that machine now.
  4. andyp

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    IMO wait 9-12 months for the bugs to be sorted. Right now unless you need DX10 it's too buggy. And has already been mentioned it's a resource hog.
    My Win2000 laptop uses 59MB RAM to run Windows
    My XP desktop uses 259MB (but has a lot running in background).
    From our IT bulletin board at work Vista uses close to 1Gb with all the whizzy stuff on, and really you need 2Gb in your PC, plus a pretty good graphics card for it to do its stuff.
    Not worth it yet.
  5. mjwarman

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    Just quickly changing the subject slightly, I tried to installl IAMPP(?) earlier so I could stream video from my PC to my wii, and I couldn't install the perl add on, is there any reason why this might not have worked when I had apache 2.0.24 installed?
  6. TheMusicMan

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    Don't do it is my suggestion. It is at the moment at least, at best a PR stunt from MS to raise even more money from unsuspecting PC users who think that only the latest version of whatever OS MS has out currently is the way to go. It is buggy, hasn't been fully tested, has MS own DRM rubbish all through it and is a total resource hog. Many PC's have been proven to run faster under XP than Vista.
  7. on_castors

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    Vista lasted nearly 2 weeks with me! It was dead stable on my desktop-replacement Laptop (clean install from scratch is the ONLY way!), but non-functioning Bluetooth was one of my biggest annoyances, and the extra clicking of my mouse was wearing my finger joints away too!

    I think I lasted 2 weeks with Windows Me too - it reminded me of that!

    I went one step further, and got rid of Media "Center" too! OK, I could have just disabled the huge number of services running unnecessarily in the background, but there are already enough of these with Standard" versions of XP.
  8. EIBB_Ray

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    I'm about one week into using Vista - factory install, new I have nothing to revert to. I will say that while most everything has been running okay, I have had a couple of lockups that required cutting the power to the machine, but it's recovered gracefully. The really odd thing is that my dsl connection now seems to be slower than it was on my 7 year old PC...which is quite disappointing. I still need to figure out if my high speed connections is configured optimally or if there is some other reason for the slow-down other than simply resource hoggedness (and I'm glad I went with 2 GB of RAM instead of the 1 it came with.....)
  9. i have vista on my computer at work testing it out and it is really rubbish, non of the promgrams work which we have on our network and you cant even find drivers for some software. Dont Use VISTA yet.

    i must say though that office 2007 is much easier to use than all of the old versions which are virtually all the same.
  10. davidwalton

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    Sorry, but I think everyone understands how Microsoft work these days. They use their customers to test the products, and once it is better, will then release another version and get you to pay again.

    If you like paying MS for this, then carry on the game!!!
  11. horn-girlie

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    I'm using Vista on my laptop (just because it came with it installed) but it seems to be working fine ... I've had it about 3months and its been fine! that said, i don't use my laptop for much - basically just internet/ music/ typing up work. the only problem i've had is that it won't let me install my lexmark printer, although I don't know whether thats because of vista or the computer.
    overall it's been fine though, and much quicker than my old laptop (which had xp) so maybe having my laptop stolen was a good thing realy tehe
  12. horn-girlie

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    haha think i overused the word 'fine' there ...
  13. I've had Vista now for two weeks. I had to buy a new OS when I extensively upgraded my machine and pondered over the choice of XP or Vista for some time. 90% of programs I've installed work fine. It's mainly the older ones that have problems. Whilst doing some basic surfing it uses around 500Mb to 600Mb of memory.

    Someone said that XP will be supported until 2014. Surely though, even if that is the case it wont be that many years before new programs/games will be writen only for Vista.

    Bottom line in my oppinion: Don't go Vista yet until a few more fixes are released and drivers written, but probably slightly the better choice if you are forced to make the decision now.
  14. backrowbloke

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    I use my laptop professionally & have to say Vista runs like the proverbial off a shovel....but the laptop does have dual processor, 4GbRAM :D

    After installing, I turned off most of the services I don't need (sidebar, defender etc) & all my software is current (Office 2007, Visual Studio 2005 etc). I also changed the start menu back to classic (habits!)
    Using Virtual Server, I now regularly run Vista and 3 - 4 virtual PC's / servers on a single laptop (who says men can't multi-task)

    I much prefer the interface - using the laptop for many hours each day it is much easier on the eye.

    It does very very much depend upon the availability of drivers for the video card etc. When I was usign the Beta version of Vista it would regularly hang, mainly due to lack of drivers.
    I also installed it on my old laptop & during performance tests was comparable / better than XP (after switching off the services)
    LMFAO - get facts right. Vista is bar far the most tested OS I've come across. I Beta tested it for around 9 months before commercial release (so if you mean me as a customer then yes I did test it, but got paid by MS to do it :D). The release was even delayed to iron out some issues. In the past they have rushed out software, but definately not now!
  15. chrisgs

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    I've got Vista on my laptop and I really like it on the whole. I haven't had any major problems although there are a few odd glitches. The CD drive stopped working at some point, and I later worked out that installing iTunes had caused this, so I had to uninstall it. Also I've discovered that it freezes on the 'shutting down' screen if I leave an SD card in, which I thought was a bit odd. The security appears to be a bit excessive, but I suppose it is sensible really. Most of the things I prefer to XP at the moment really are just aesthetic, but I do like it!
  16. davidwalton

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    and this is why all big companies wait for at least a year before even considering anything new from MS.

    No, not talking about Beta testers, but after full release.

    I have worked for a long time in IT Support. Perhaps I have have seen too many new full releases from MS to believe they create software without bugs that won't get in the way in a major way.

    No, I am no fan of MS. However, the way they have released their software to date, I see no reason for me to trust them this time.

    BTW- a lot of the delays had to do with legal arguments about MS using code from other companies if I remember right, not just the fact that it also fell short of their own very low release standards.
  17. Bass Trumpet

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    I think I'm going to wait until they've updated and fixed all the bugs. Probably next year before we see a service pack. I was reading a geeky computer magazine on the train yesterday and they were saying that, although Windows is an easy target for criticism, XP (with all the updates) is actually very good. It's a pity they feel the need to release the OS before it's really ready. Unfortunately, most of the Linux distros do the same thing in order to keep up with the latest trends, so it's not just Windows.