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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Veri, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Veri

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    Hi everyone,

    Just wondered if anyone might know a bit more about windows media player and be able to help....

    1. I really want to get a print out of all my cds and the tracks on them. I know really I should make a database or a spreadsheet, but I'm too lazy, and I was wondering if it's possible to cut and paste track listings from windows media player of all my cds? I've spent ages fiddling around but don't seem to be able to do so...

    2. Thinking about getting an MP3 player - which ones work with Windows Media? I know that ipods need itunes, but I can't be bothered to reload ALL my music again (yes, really lazy!).

    Any bright ideas anyone?


  2. mrbrass

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    What version of media player are you using?
  3. I find Mediamonkey fantastic for synching with an mp3 player. It's so much easier than using itunes to fill up your ipod. You can use many other mp3 players with it too. In fact, I use this for all of my music and find that it does almost anything that I need from tagging, CD Burning and libarary management.
  4. Veri

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    Library management - I like the sound of that (I'm currently doing a MSc in Information and Library Management!).

    But, would I have to reload all my cds again? :confused:
  5. Veri

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    Version 11. It recently updated itself which really annoyed me as I prefered the version I had before.
  6. I'm not sure whether you would have to do them again? Do you have them backed up as mp3's?
  7. Veri

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    I think they seem to be saved as "WMA"'s - Windows Media Audio Files...
  8. If that's the case then you should be able to transfer them into any other music software package, unless they have DRM (digital rights management) installed into them.
  9. mrbrass

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  10. andy;-)

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    You can add the folder with your .WMA files into itunes and it will convert them all for you......